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Angela Parker

Angela Parker is a one-woman powerhouse of high energy, positivity, wisdom, straight-talk, and health and fitness know how. Founder of Body Inspired Fitness, Parker leads highly successful LA-based bootcamps, and has authored a workout book for mothers and daughters in addition to making numerous television appearances and penning articles, stories, and workouts for various publications. Whew!

How do you keep your energy up? What keeps you going?

Sleep, sleep, sleep. I feel like sleep is the most underestimated thing people can do for themselves. Sleep repairs your body, gives you great energy, make you look younger, and allows you to make better food choices.

What are some words you use to inspire women to not only get fit but to empower them?

I think it comes down to one phrase: Listen to your body. I think we all instinctively know what kind of exercise is a good fit for us, what sort of food is best for our bodies, and how much sleep we need. But we don’t listen. Instead, we compare ourselves to other people and what THEY are doing. When we stop comparing, and start listening, we create an opportunity to change. It’s not just about fitness - it’s about food, money, relationships, everything. Listening to yourself and honoring what your body needs will transform your whole life.

You own your own business. Are there challenges to being a woman business owner?

Absolutely. I own and operate an outdoor boot camp in West Los Angeles and have for seven years. I am still the only woman who runs a boot camp in this part of the city. I’m playing in a boy’s world. My fellow camp operators, who are all dudes, really don’t know what to do with me. Which I kind of get a kick out of! But women are better at creating relationships. Any one will tell you that the key to a successful business is creating relationships. Which could be why I run the largest program in the city :)

I know you recommend High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for people who are tight on time and need a fast, effective workout. What do people need to know about it?

The key is the stretch. But so many women are not doing it. It’s not enough to sweat and burn calories. Stretching will keep you looking like a lady, prevent injuries, and make sure you still look hot when you’re 80. Plus, that stretch time is all about taking a few quiet minutes for yourself. The calmer you are, the younger you look.

What are your personal trouble spots?

Good question! I have a tendency – I hate the word – to get saddlebags. I call it my jigge. Because “jigge” sounds playful, and saddlebags could be the worst word in the English language. I can also get side muffins tops if I am not careful. Then as you get older, it’s the back. What is the deal with the back?

How do you fight the good fight with your trouble spots? Does it make a difference?

We know we can’t spot train. (It’s not the 80’s anymore). But we can work a little harder on those trouble spots! Creating tone makes a big difference. But you want to be careful not to overtrain your trouble spots because you can create imbalance. The key for me is sweating and watching my diet!

Who is your celebrity crush – like who would you want to be your body double if you could have anybody?

I’m obsessed with Michele Obama & Hope Solo because they have REAL bodies. Now would I want to wake up and look like Gisele? Of course. Who wouldn’t? But that’s not realistic.

As for the body double, I would LOVE to play my own body double! I’ve got it down at this point!

What’s the best cool down routine?

Here’s the best example to help you understand why cooling down is so important! You know when you have a million things open on your computer, and it jams up and you have to force quit? Then you restart and everything’s a hot mess, and stuff is all over the place. The body is just like that. The more efficiently you turn it off, the more efficiently it will start up next time!

Your cool down is the set up for your next workout. You slowly take the stages of exercise down one layer at a time. You take it down to a base level for as long as you can. Make sure you drink loads of water, stretch, and eat within one hour of finishing to replenish and repair your muscles.

What’s the best post workout snack?

My banana almond butter pie filling! You put a banana in a bowl with a scoop of almond butter, cinnamon, and stevia. Toss it in the microwave for 20 seconds, mash it up, and eat! It tastes like pie filling.

If you had an event in one week how would you prepare so you felt your best?

I would follow my 6 Day SLAM Plan! It’s a 6 day food and fitness program I created on accident! It is an ebook available on my website. The SLAM plan helps you SLAM your body back into shape in just 6 days. Plus its super cheap!

If you could have only three lucy items, what would you choose?

Perfect core legging (tight to the ankle) in black. It’s great for travel. You can wear them to dinner. They’re amazing.

The Perfect Core Bra.

Workout Racerback. You have a new orange one I’m obsessed with.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Wine. I love really good wine. I’m going to be real with you right now. Probably one of my favorite things to do is to get in the tub, read Us Weekly, and watch the news on my iPad. I feel like they cancel each other out. There may or may not be wine involved.

If calories weren’t a factor, what is your dream meal?

I’m in love with all things Italian. My dream meal would start with gluten-free pasta w/olive oil, truffles, and real parmesan cheese. Then I’d have roast rabbit (don’t judge me till you’ve had it!), then I’d get down on a cheese plate with quince paste, honey and olives, and then for dessert, I’d finish with a moscato dessert wine.

Kinda looks like this.

How would you burn it off?

Running in the Italian countryside. That would be perfect. I never know where my runs in Italy will take me!

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