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Elinor Fish is a trail runner, writer, world traveler, yoga practitioner and entrepreneur who merged all of those interests into one ambitious venture called Run Wild Retreats, which encourages balanced health, wellness and fitness through trail running and yoga retreats in wilderness settings. Elinor ‘s 20-year career as a competitive athlete includes running (and sometimes placing) at dozens of trail races and ultramarathons. She was managing editor at Trail Runner magazine for five years. Elinor lives with her husband Rob and son Reed in the Colorado Rockies.

What’s a perfect run for you?

An early morning run on a forest trail where I fall into a meditative mindset, just watching the trail ahead and focusing on my breathing. These runs feel effortless and at the end I’m totally energized.

What inspires you to run when you don’t feel like it?

The best cure I’ve found is to run with a friend. I’ll make a date and then I am obligated to get out, even when the weather is less than ideal or I don’t feel like it.

What is your favorite running song/soundtrack/sounds or silence?

Most of the time, I prefer silence, especially when trail running. I love hearing the birds, sound of water running through creeks and the rhythm of my own breath. It’s amazing how quickly the time passes on the trails.

Favorite pre-run snack if any?

I focus on being well hydrated before a run, so I drink lots of plain water. Before a lunch-time run, I’ll snack on apple slices or a few carrot sticks to ward off hunger.

Favorite post-run snack if any?

On summer days especially, I’ll make a fruit smoothie with handfuls of spinach and, after big runs, a scoop of hemp protein for recovery.

Tips for running when you’re sleep deprived?

Lower your expectations for that day’s run and start off at a very slow pace. That way, if you start to perk up and feel better during the course of the run, you can always pick up the pace.

Best post-run stretch if any?

I recommend Thread The Needle: lay on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place the right ankle against the left knee and wrap your hands around the back of the left thigh, pulling your left knee towards your chest. This stretches the right glute. Repeat on the other side.

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