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Katie Oldham

lucyPRO Katie Oldham is Founder, President, and Wellness Program Coordinator of MissFIT Complete, an organization dedicated to helping busy, active women achieve long-term success with their fitness goals. Based on the idea that “health and fitness begin with what’s in your head and in your heart,” MissFIT combines fitness services with wellness coaching, and customizes programs which fit the real needs, goals and lives of their clients.

What does the “complete” in MissFIT Complete refer to and why is it important?

It signifies who we are as a company and how we view each person we work with: a person with a mind, body and spirit. When you only approach wellness from a physical perspective, you miss so much of the reward it has to offer! Our team is truly dedicated to helping women change from the inside out. We believe that fitness should be fun, inspiring and FIT into people’s life—really!

What is your favorite way to de-stress when you’re short on time?

When I am really short on time the best way that I de-stress is to breathe deeply. Even for just a couple minutes. This works wonders for clearing my head and opening my mind for the next ‘to do’ on the list.

What is your favorite new workout and why?

TRX. I love its versatility, convenience for in-home use, and how it enables multi-joint and functional motions while encouraging core stability throughout an entire workout.

What is your favorite tried and true workout and why?

A combination of cardio intervals that incorporate body weight strength training, sometimes weights, and some fun tools like sliders and a Bosu. It boosts my mood, and as a single mom, it gives me the best bang for my buck.

What’s the one healthy eating change that will have the biggest impact?

That’s a great question and one that everyone wants to know, right? For the general public if I were to make a blanket statement, it would be to eat clean. Clean it up! Get the processed foods out of your house. Focus on real, whole foods. MissFIT Complete did a cookbook last year called “MissFIT Meals & Morsels,” and all the recipes and notes I added emphasize a whole food-based, mindful approach to eating. (available on the website)

What are some of your favorite snacks before or after working out?

Before I workout, I like a banana with peanut butter or some Greek yogurt with added berries. And to be honest, post workout the options are typically the same. As long as pre- and post-workout foods consist of some complex carb and protein I am happy—with the pre-workout food much lighter so I am not going in with a full belly.

Why is massage important?

For fitness fanatics, it flushes out the muscles and helps to combat the stress and fatigue that come from a highly active lifestyle. For the normal population, it helps reduce stress and release muscle tension which, in turn, helps with joint pain, and it even improves inflammation.

What inspires you to be well (or fit)?

I have always valued fitness and wellness for myself. It has grown with me as I have matured and become a business owner and a mom. But, two years ago when I lost my husband (and very best friend) to pancreatic cancer, living well took on an even more significant role in my life. It is not only my personal passion and what makes me feel “at home” in my own life, but it helps me to synchronize my values with my actions. It is who I am, not just something I do.

What are you most proud of with respect to MissFIT Complete?

I am proud of my team of the most dedicated, caring and extremely knowledgeable fitness/wellness experts. And I am proud that we are true to our mission and philosophy. We have never operated outside of what we believe real wellness and functional fitness are.

What is your favorite lucy item and why?

I love the Perfect Booty Pants--- I like the effect on function and the booty ☺! But, I also love that the tops are long and comfortable -- I have never had a problem with cleavage or low back inappropriately sticking out during a workout. And, I have never done a presentation or event in any fitness pants other than lucy since I discovered them!

MissFIT Complete offers in-home personal training, in-home or on-site group fitness classes including yoga and Pilates, and in-home massage therapy to women in the far north suburbs of Chicago (specifically Lake and northern Cook Counties). Online Wellness/Nutrition Coaching and phone based Nutrition Coaching are available to anyone anywhere.

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