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Looking for something new to spark up your workout routine? Maybe a new gym, studio, or trainer? Just visit your local lucy and check out our Play Where We Play book. You’ll find our partner of the month and other great fitness resources that are right in your own backyard. Or if you own a studio, come by and let us know so we can add you to our fast-growing and fun community.


Being friends with lucy gets you behind-the-scenes action, workout inspiration and a chance to mingle with a community of active women. Just like you.

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Meet Heidi Beachley

Our lucy associates in Boulder raved about lucyPRO Heidi Beachley who taught them a Yin yoga class with hot stones, a powerful practice that promotes healing and stretches deep tissues. “The hot stones are a grounding tool to hold during long holds or lay on tight muscles to help loosen them,” says Heidi. She teaches yoga at several local studios, does one-on-ones with clients who want focused attention and provides yoga therapy for cancer survivors. Plus, she runs her own business, Yoga Willow, leading yoga retreats in Panama and India. “There’s something really powerful about leaving everyday life and diving into yoga practice,” she says. Heidi’s life is a testament to how immersing yourself in yoga can be a grounding and guiding force.

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Meet Mariam Mogghaddam

lucyPRO Mariam Mogghaddam grew up dancing – all kinds – jazz, modern, hiphop, and ballroom. Then at 11, her mom started her in belly dancing. “She so wanted me to be a dancer,” Mariam said, ”She wanted to be one but hurt her back and couldn’t. You know, parents live vicariously through their kids.” Since that first class, belly dancing has been a guiding passion. Her experience performing at restaurants, clubs and cultural events eventually led her to develop a hugely-popular belly-dance workout class. She dreams about opening her own studio someday, a place to teach the belly dance-infused workout she loves. In the meantime, Mariam teaches a Cardio Dance Blast class at her current gym, taking students around the world, doing every style and genre of dance.

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Meet Gerry Hodne

lucyPRO Gerry Hodne’s relationship with Spin is like the old love you leave behind only to rekindle the flame years later. After teaching Spin during grad school, Gerry walked away for 10 years. When a friend took her to a class a couple years ago, she rediscovered and renewed her love for the bike. Now she’s a Spin instructor at one of the fitness industry’s leading clubs, Greenwood Athletic Club in Denver, Colorado.

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Meet Amy Trietiak

Falls Church, Virginia is a town that exudes quaint, a place lucyPRO Amy Trietiak calls “fantastic” because it’s “close to Washington D.C. for city life, and you’ve got the Blue Ridge Mountains, the beach, and there are four seasons.” Into this idyllic community, Trietiak and her business partner Jane Bahneman recently introduced their new studio, Blue Nectar Yoga. Here in the toasty warm (not hot!) studios, Trietiak and instructors teach their signature style of Power Vinyasa Yoga.

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Meet Kristen Cronin

Kristen Cronin thought it was a prank when she saw the email about being our featured lucyPRO this month. “I was jetlagged from flying back from Aruba and I thought someone was April Fools-ing me!” But it’s no joke. Kristen’s students rave about how she inspires them to reach their full potential and even change their lives, making her a stand-out lucyPRO. Kristen owns Club Pilates in Novi, Michigan, one outpost of a chain that is quickly staking a claim on the global workout studio market. Classes at Club Pilates are done on the reformer and other specialized Pilates equipment.

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Meet Julie Hafner

Julie Hafner is a high-energy font of positivity for her devoted clients. She opened her own spin studio inside Mybody Complex in a suburb of Chicago almost exactly a year ago. Starting with only a student or two who followed from her old gym, her Studio Spin clientele has grown from 1 to 100. All word of mouth. What’s her secret? Hafner attributes it to love. “I love it so much. I think people see that.”

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Meet Jennifer Irons

Jennifer Irons founded FitGirls NW in 2009 after the birth of her daughter. A true labor of love, FitGirls NW specializes in small group training and spring/summer boot camp classes for women. Find out how getting back in shape after having a baby figures into her business philosophy.

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Meet Mary Kate and Laura

Work In Progress Group Fitness arose out of Mary Kate Doyle and Laura Keever’s love of bootcamp class. The two friends opened their West Hartford, Connecticut business last April, offering classes targeting both strength and cardio for a total body workout. Client-focused is how they describe it, and their motto says it all: “Get In, Get Out, Get on With Life!”

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Meet Mindi Epstein

By day Mindi Epstein is senior vice president of a large not-for-profit organization in Indianapolis. The minute she leaves the office, she sheds the work attire and finds comfort on her yoga mat. Several months ago, a student in a yoga class she was teaching, planted the seed for Mindi to open her own studio. A series of coincidences and serendipitous events led her to a perfect location, and this summer, Main Street Yoga in Indianapolis was born.

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Meet Angela Parker

Angela Parker is a one-woman powerhouse of high energy, positivity, wisdom, straight-talk, and health and fitness know how. Founder of Body Inspired Fitness, Parker leads highly successful LA-based bootcamps, and has authored a workout book for mothers and daughters in addition to making numerous television appearances and penning articles, stories, and workouts for various publications. Whew!

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Meet Laura Greear

Laura Greear opened Westside Pilates in 2006 with the intention of creating a warm, inviting environment where people could get fit, feel good and reduce or eliminate chronic pain. She is certified in STOTT PILATES® and Booty Barre®.

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Meet Ada Wells

Ada Wells, MPT, PMA ®-CPT, is the owner of ProBalance, Inc. (located in Alameda, CA). She brings nearly 20 years of Physical Therapy, Pilates, and sports performance expertise to her clients in rehabilitation, fitness, and educational settings.

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Meet Katie Oldham

lucyPRO Katie Oldham is Founder, President, and Wellness Program Coordinator of MissFIT Complete, an organization dedicated to helping busy, active women achieve long-term success with their fitness goals. Based on the idea that “health and fitness begin with what’s in your head and in your heart,” MissFIT combines fitness services with wellness coaching, and customizes programs which fit the real needs, goals and lives of their clients.

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Meet Elinor Fish

Elinor Fish is the founder of Run Wild Retreats, trail-running getaways to nurture body, mind and spirit. Her experience as a trail runner, writer, world traveler, yoga practitioner and entrepreneur all merged to create this ambitious venture.

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