5 Ways to Celebrate National Yoga Month

Did you know September is National Yoga Month? To mark the occasion, we’re celebrating with a special lunchtime yoga class here at lucy headquarters with our yoga contributor Stephanie Birch. The crew here ranges from newbie to experienced yogi, and we’re all super excited to practice together! Follow @lucyactivewear on Periscope for a live stream of the yoga class!

Whether you’ve established a regular practice, or are curious what all the OM-ing is about, we’ve rounded up 5 ways to expand your zen.

1. Take a week of free classes! The Yoga Health Foundation is partnering with yoga studios around the nation to offer a first-time free week of yoga!

2. Nervous about stepping onto the mat for the first time? You’re not alone. Stephanie Birch shares her experience with a dose of encouragement and this 92-year old yogi proves you’re never too old to start.

3. Well established in your practice? Take it to the next level with an immersive yoga retreat at one of these 10 hotels.

4. Grab your mat and get in a quick 17-minute flow to start your day!

5. Use this mini-meditation to find 5 minutes of peace anytime, anywhere (yes, even at your desk!)

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