5 Tips on Setting Fitness Goals


As I was sitting here thinking about writing a blog about how to throw your hair in a bun, put some gangsta rap on, and handle it! I thought to myself, how does one really do that? I’ve always been a pretty ambitious woman when it came to checking things off the list, but I have been known to also been known to overthink and analyze every little situation in life. I’ve come to learn that I’ve done this more to myself since I became a mother.  

Often times in a mother’s life the idea of being needed by someone can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Every conscious effort and decision is based on someone else's needs over your own. You have to balance out the needs of your children's dreams and your husband's dreams while trying to find the balance to take care of your own needs and dreams. And by doing this we have a tendency to set our needs aside in order to make sure that everyone else around us is taken care of. After having my second daughter 6 years ago, I began to feel guilty for wanting to put own needs before theirs. Somehow I felt that carving out time to work out or wanting to eat healthier was taking away from my family. In some it was taking some time away from them, but it was a small fraction compared to what was really being stolen from them: a mother who was happy with herself and capable of loving others because she was able to show herself love first. 

Embarking on my fitness journey meant so many new things, and all these new things created a lot of getting used to. Changing my daily routine in order to prioritize my workouts as the first thing, making time to prepare my meals so that I had healthier meal options throughout my busy day, and learning how to balance this all with a full busy life. It wasn’t easy at all but I took it one day at a time and as the weeks progressed I began to add just a little bit more to see how much I can take on throughout the week. I’m learning that in life you if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail and if you set your mind on the intention of making sure you’re ready to go then you’re further ahead than you know! 

Nothing worth it ever comes easy, but setting your goals and protecting your priorities can help you turn your new year’s resolutions into life resolutions. Here are some tips I’ve given my readers on reaching their goals: 


1. Set SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. This is commonly used in goal setting for businesses, but I’ve used it with my fitness goals as well. Make sure that your fitness goal is specific vs broad. This will help provide a purpose and intention for what you are trying to accomplish. Once you are specific with your fitness goals, you can slowly start to measure the progress week by week. Keep the goals realistic and attainable, it’s unrealistic and unhealthy to set a weight loss goal of 20lbs in 4 weeks, but stating that you want to lose 20lbs in the course of 12-24 weeks is much more attainable and much healthier. Most professionals say that a healthy and maintainable weight loss consists of losing .5-1lb a week, something that can be definitely be done! 

2. Create a morning routine that includes exercise. Start your day with movement and plan your exercise out first thing in the morning after a healthy breakfast. Exercise first thing in the morning gets your body moving, blood flowing, and increases your mood throughout the day. If you protect this part of your daily schedule you’ll begin to find how much more productive the rest of your day can be. Success is achieved by daily intentions. 

3. Show up for life! Always try your best to be fully present in your efforts. During your workout sessions, make the most of it! Be present and leverage your time spent in anything that you do. Protect your time and get rid of your distractions. I often set my phone on do not disturb during my workouts and family time. During my work day I turn all my app notifications off so that I’m fully engaged during my work meetings.  

4. Accept that failures are going to happen and that disappointments are a part of life. Okay before you go on thinking that I’m saying to go out there and fail, that’s not it at all. What I’m saying is that with every success is a story of many failures. Don’t ever give up! Give yourself the grace and self love you need to encourage yourself every step of the way! 

5. Ask for help! The best thing I could’ve done for myself was say my goals out loud, tell my friends, post it on Instagram, and go public with my intentions. Doing this helped build a support group and a community of men and women who were on the same journey. Starting anything new is scary, it can make you feel alone and overwhelmed. When you have friends and loved ones cheering you on and encouraging you it makes the journey towards a healthier life a little sweeter! 

You got this!

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