5 Tips to Build Habit



I love this word: UNSTOPPABLE! It is a word filled with power, motivation, and potential.  So how have you decided to be unstoppable this year?  Is it to feel more alive and vibrant? Is it to simply eat healthier?

The only thing that stands between you and your goal is one simple tool: consistency. To stay consistent, the trick is to create small, daily, sustainable habits that align with your goal.

Studies have shown you just need 21 days to either make or break a habit. That’s it. 21 days to being unstoppable. So, let’s do this together! For 21 days, everyday, follow these tips to break through any barrier of resistance, and before you know it, this will be your best year yet!


Write down your number one fitness or healthy goal for the year. Now write down 3, small, attainable actions you can do everyday that can turn into habits to help you reach your goal. For instance, if your goal is to sleep better, one habit might be to stop falling asleep with the TV on. The most important part is that the action needs to start small.  If you change everything at once, you will burn out. And we all know what happens after burn out! The action needs to be something that can slide into your current life without shaking everything up. But remember, just because the habits you create are subtle, doesn’t mean you won’t feel a big shift.


In tip 1, you figured out 3 small actions you can do to help you reach your goal.  Now figure out how you can create less of a barrier between you and that action. For instance, if you decided that one of your actions is to go for a morning run, create less of a barrier by  keeping your running shoes right by your bed in the morning or have your workout clothes ready and hanging on the chair. The less you have to think the better. Creating less of a barrier between you and action helps to ensure success.


I wish our minds, our egos, didn’t sabotage us, but they do. It’s pretty incredible, when you pay attention, how negative your thoughts can be about yourself. And it’s beyond incredible how repetitive they are! So no wonder you have a hard time staying consistent! No wonder you start off strong and then lose power. Only when you become aware of these thoughts, can you start to master yourself. It’s hard to do, but—without judgment—just start paying attention to your thoughts. That’s it. Very simple. I’m not asking you to change or control them. I’m just asking you to be aware of them. See the thoughts out loud as though they were written on a page in front of you and look at them face value. These are probably thoughts you have been telling yourself your whole life. By simply becoming aware of your negative thoughts everyday, they will naturally start to lose power over you. So give it a try.

Only when you become aware of these thoughts, can you start to master yourself.


Goals often lose steam when they seem so far in the distant future that it feels impossible to achieve them. That is why it is important to develop conscious breathing as a way to stay present. Whenever you feel yourself getting discouraged because you are not seeing results right away, take deep breaths. Focus on your breath. Feel the inhalation and the depth of exhalation. Sometimes just one big breath will do. Some days, it might take you a few minutes. Do this deep breathing until you start to feel yourself calm down. Allow your breath to bring you back to the present moment and away from the future. Stay present to stay consistent.


When I was a little girl, and I would blow out my birthday candles and make a wish, it never felt right to me that I couldn’t tell anyone what my wish was out of fear that it wouldn’t come true. As an adult I have learned the value of sharing your greatest hopes and dreams with those who love and care for you. It is that collective energy that makes your dream stronger. It also helps to hold you accountable. Everyday, create the habit of sharing your goal with someone. Tell those you love about your daily progress and let them help hold the candle for you and light the way. Relish in your journey! Celebrate it with those you love no matter where you are on your path to being unstoppable!

So go after 2017 with energy, love and grace! Go be UNSTOPPABLE!

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