Balancing a Busy Life & Fitness

7 ways to balance fitness & a busy life


“How do you do it all?” A question that gets asked to me at least once a week when I tell people about my full life. Sadly its also a question that brings me a little insecurity when asked it because my ceiling compared to other people is pretty high and has always been that way, but its a ceiling I have placed, not anybody else. 

The key thing to finding time to work out is understanding that you have to create it. As busy adults when we create meetings whether they are social or professional, we do our best to keep the standing calendar event. So why not do the same with your workouts? Set the date and time of your workouts and do your best to not miss the meeting you make with yourself. Set the priorities of your health and approach them the way you would approach any other goal, understand the expectations, commitments, and set the goal so that its a stretch but attainable as well.

In the beginning of this year I began to set my reoccurring gym time on my work calendar for 6AM before the work day begins at 8:30/9:00AM. I do this so that I’m and not only aware of what’s on my plate for the week, but so are others in my organization. Doing this has helped me prioritize my "me time" in the morning before giving everyone else my time during the rest of the work day. 

7 ways to fit fitness into your busy life

Before I started my fitness journey I was convinced by all textbook excuses any busy person would have: I work too much, I don't have time, I have kids, I'm married, I can't change how I eat, I don't know where to start...the list goes on. Until the one day you wake up and you're all out of excuses. Then you ask yourself, what now?

Changing your lifestyle isn’t about destroying what you have. It’s about reinventing what is already there. In order to make the steps towards that change its all about training the mind to start believing you can accomplish these lifestyle changes you want to make, one task at a time. If the goal at hand is large, which for most of us it can be; redirect your energy on accomplishing your goals one day at a time. Doing this allows you to gain more self confidence and momentum towards the bigger one.

Here’s a few things I do to make sure that I’'ve got my day set up for success:

  • Pack your gym bag the day before so its ready to grab for your morning workout.
  • Owning activewear that can double up as cute work wear helps too! I try to sneak in a quick yoga session at work even if its 15-20 minutes of stretching, so having activewear that looks more like athleisure wear helps.
  • Prepare a few healthy meals for the next few days and bring them to work. This helps with any potential sneaking into the work pantry.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. I know that this is simple, but its so hard for us busy adults to get a good night’s sleep. Do your best to keep your room dark and quiet so when its bed time, you get the shut eye right away.
  • Do a small yoga practice right before bed. Stretching and meditating has been my life saver lately to remove any and all to-do lists, worries, and thoughts I have that keep me up past my bed time. There are some incredible apps that I lean on like Yoga Studio App and Headspace that help me clear my mind.
  • Turn off all notifications on your device when starting your workout. Text messages and notifications from social apps can be a distraction during your workout, I put my phone on do not disturb so I can focus on my “'me time'.”
  • Remember that a workout doesn’t have to be an hour long to be beneficial. A high intensity 30 minute workout can definitely provide you with enough “magic”, a.k.a. sweat, to get you through the day.  

Remember this: success is nothing more than a few disciplines practiced daily.  You got this babe!


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