Catch This Wave

If summer’s not coming fast enough, check out a new workout that brings the beach to the studio. Sandbox Fitness in Sherman Oaks CA features a huge 600 square foot indoor sandbox for all kinds of mood-boosting action.

The studio offers Surfset® and Surfset® Balance (yoga) classes done on “wobbly surfboards” which mimic the experience of actual surfing. Balancing on the board challenges your core and stabilizer muscles, and makes for great conditioning for any activity. Plus, it’s big-time fun.


If it’s beach you’re after, TRX and bootcamp classes use the natural resistance of sand to maximize the effort while going easy on your joints. You know how hard it is to run in sand? Imagine the good burn you’re going to feel from this workout.

All classes not only challenge your muscles, they’ll improve your balance, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, power and coordination. Sounds like a rad workout to us. We’re ready to hang ten and sweat! How about you?

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