Fashion, Fun, and Feeling Mighty Fine in Fall

We are celebrating lucy Activewear’s anniversary this month and I couldn’t be more thrilled to kick off this blog post by sharing my favorite styles and picks for the season.

Fall is my favorite time of year, it’s the season of layers and I am a big fan of layering versatility. I love incorporating yoga wear into street wear. Often times, I'll add layers into evening attire or tossing a little something on for a brunch date with my ladies. Here are my favorite picks and pieces for this season.


Dressing up:

I fell in love with this Everyday Dress the moment I saw it! I like the idea of keeping this dress on-hand after a yoga class and tossing it on for a happy hour, errands, or a coffee date. I paired it with the Revolution Run Vest, a lightweight gem to keep warm yet. The less bulky the vest, the better for me since I tend to run a warm body temp. I like pieces that can easily come off and fold into my purse when I’m on the go. 


From the yoga mat to the street:

This constellation blue print is out of this world! I love this lightweight Let It Be tank, paired with the Studio Hatha leggings. This tank style is one of my recent favorites from the summer. Plays like a crop-top or bra, I love that I can wear it with or without a bra. I am wearing the Hatha Everyday Terry Full Zip in Silver Filigree Heather. It has an angled front zip that drapes the front, adding a cascade shape for layering. I also added the vest for warmth and a little texture.


The joggers make me wanna dance:

If you know me, you know that I have a love for loose and light pants. Some days, I need a break from leggings. These Performance Joggers will do just that! While they’re great for running I can assure I will be teaching yoga in these and likely getting my groove-on. They’re soft too! I paired it with the Workout Bra with breathable mesh on the back, and the Everyday Terry Full Zip.


Yoga at home:

My yoga pant of choice, the Studio Hatha leggings, make a second debut on my choice pant for pants. This Black Jacquard Check print adds subtle texture and will pair great with boots this season. I am wearing the Zenergy bra in Rose Gold, I have a few of these in my closet, a classic bra made to move and sweat. I am in love with these color combos, top and bottom. Rose Gold is one of those colors that transitions beautifully from one season to the next, I think it is pretty on all skin tones too. 


Pictured yoga balance is what I call a giraffe walk. This standing balancing series that you can take form one end of your house/room/studio to the next. It is a moving balancing series:

  1. Free-stand your left leg high, arms reach up on a breath in.
  2. On the exhale, step your left foot forward, like a wide-stride, reaching your arms back behind you.
Take a breath in, extending your right leg back behind you coming into airplane pose.
  4. Flex your right foot. Face your palms down, shoulders back. 

  5. Your next exhale, using your core, draw your right knee through and extend the leg out from your hip, reaching your arms up.
  6. Continue this walk as though you are moving through water.
  7. Allow yourself to move steady and slow with your breath.

This balancing series will challenge your mental and physical stance. Don’t be afraid to get wobbly, it takes focus to move smoothly.

I love teaching this in a class to loosen up the headspace and take yoga a little less seriously. 


From studio, street, home, and more, thank you for reading some of my favorites for this month. I am a big fan of mixing and matching, adding and subtracting. I love layering pieces and ensuring what I add to my closet has use for multiple looks, wears, reasons, and seasons. There is nothing in my closet that sits in there waiting for the right time or event. My motto: wear it like you love it! Let your closet be full of the things you love and can live in. 

I am so excited to celebrate lucy Activewear’s anniversary event this weekend! I’ll be styling and sharing some of my favorites this weekend, October 22nd, from 11am - 12pm, at the Roseville location at The Fountains. Come say hi and grab your 30% off in honor of this celebration!

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