5 Ways to Hybridize Your Workout


As the poet William Cowper once said, “Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour.” When was the last time you tried a new workout? It's February, in the middle of winter, and you're in your comfort zone. Mmm, it's nice and cozy there, but are you sticking to your 2016 fitness goals? And now's a perfect time if you haven't gotten around to creating them yet. Lucy is here to hybridize your wardrobe, and I'm here to share the latest hybrid workouts. Think about that thrill of trying something new and your body will follow.  


1. Yoga + Ballet + Pilates + Aerial = Air

Those looking to strengthen, lengthen, tone, and literally turn their workout upside down, can find challenging fun in Air's vinyasa-flow aerial class. A trusty silk hammock holds you through sequences that interchange stretching and crunches with ass-kicking mountain climbers. Beginners should start with the Foundation or Restore classes to get completely comfy hanging from that hammock.

Get some air in the Studio Hatha Legging.


2. Yoga + Dance = Buti Yoga

If you sway to the music in your down dogs, you'll love Buti Yoga. Let your hair down and your goddess free during this cardio yoga workout that fuses tribal dance into every asana. You're barefoot, and you're on your mat, but instead of a continuous flow, you'll pulsate and gyrate through poses. After a Buti class, I've noticed my hips feeling more open than ever, along with a happy, full-body high.

Let loose in the Mat and Move Capri.

3. Treadmill + Indoor Rowing + Weight Resistance = Orange Theory Fitness

These 60-minute sessions push you into the orange zone of 5-zone interval training—the zone that creates an “afterburn” effect from an increased metabolism post-workout. Translation: You'll continue burning calories throughout your day. But first, you have to work. There are no breaks allowed as you switch around treadmill intervals, indoor rowing, and weight room or resistance training blocks. A heart-rate monitor tracks your zones on a screen so you can watch them shift along with the increasing number of your burned calories (my favorite part). Stay in that orange zone and you can burn 500 to 1000 calories per workout.

Feel the burn in the Work Hard Graphic Tee.

4. Dance + Pilates + Boxing = PILOXING Knockout

Last year the PILOXING franchise launched a class to keep up with the resurgence of boxing consisting of six rounds of three-minute base exercises and two-minute drills. The base exercises are high-intensity core moves inspired by boxing, functional training, cardio and plyometrics (jump training). The drills draw from original PILOXING moves like core twists and burpees. It's only 45 minutes. Easy peasy.

Sweat it out in the Mat and Move Bralette.


5. Circuit Training + Abdominal Focus = CoreCardio Circuit Class at CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga is known for their intense heated yoga classes rooted in core work. If you're craving more cardio than om, leave your mat at home and try their new 50-minute circuit class that combines strength training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with intense beats. The results are toning, cardio endurance, a boosted metabolism, and no doubt, endorphins.

Keep your focus in the Circuit Training Bra Tank.

Which hybrid workout tickles your fancy? And which one makes you want to run the other way? I dare you to try the latter. That's the one that will likely be more of a healthy challenge and add more spice to your life.


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