Stephanie Birch


“I came for the sweat and found a way of life.”

I was hooked from my very first yoga class. As a longtime athlete, yoga was the perfect dose of physical exertion I longed for after a lifetime of sports and playing tough. It wasn’t until after I had my son that I truly began to connect with yoga as a way of life. Yoga became my breath on and off the mat; it has strengthened my mind and body, soften my shell, teaches me to live in the present, and it serves as a conduit to my Soul's purpose. 

In my everyday life, I am a play-at-home mom, yoga teacher, life photographer, writer, online contributor, Soul Activist, Tahoe-lover, a sucker for dark chocolate, dark beer, coffee, cartwheels, boardgames, and a life well-lived barefoot and pants-less. “No pants are the best pants,” is the norm in our household. You can find me with a wide-open heart, wanna-be comedian, and squealing on my best days at

Workout with Stephanie: 17 minute yoga flow

Before you begin the exercises depicted in this video, please make sure that you are in good health and sufficiently physically fit to engage in the type of activity depicted.