Making Fit Your Everyday: 3 or 30


Hi, I’m Kit! Welcome to the 3 or 30 method. After so many endless failed battles of yo-yo dieting and yo-yo fitness programs, I developed the 3 or 30 method as a tool to bring me, and my body, back to balance.

For so many years I struggled with weight fluctuations and body dysmorphia. For so many years I beat my body up with extreme workouts that left me burnt out, injured, and feeling like I had no control over myself.  

When I developed the 3 or 30 method, I had three thoughts in mind. One: I wanted to create a way to have a consistent, loving relationship with fitness and my body. Two: I wanted it to be sustainable. It needed to be fluid with the ebbs and flows of life. As I changed through life, I wanted my fitness program to be able to move with me. And three: I wanted it to feel attainable so that I felt empowered and in control of my body.


What started as an experiment became an everyday habit that gave me the results I had always dreamed of. It actually exceeded my wildest expectations. Very quickly, I started to find my way back to loving fitness. I began listening to my body and creating a relationship with it. My body began working with me and not against me. I was getting the physical results I wanted and I felt in control and confident.

It worked so much, in fact, it became a significant practice for many of my clients who also wanted a better, new, and sustainable approach to fitness. Whether they were celebrities walking the red carpet, fortune 500 CEOs, or stay-at-home moms—the 3 or 30 method became their mantra to help them stay consistent, build a lasting relationship with fitness and a healthy connection to their bodies.

So what is the 3 or 30 method exactly? It’s very simple.

The number 3 stands for 3 miles. The number 30 stands for 30 minutes.

So here’s the deal. Everyday, you choose one or the other.  3 miles can be anything from walking, cycling, running, rowing, doing the stairs or swimming. It can be using any cardio equipment at the gym. If one day you can’t figure out how to get 3 miles in, you can use a fitness tracker to make sure you have walked roughly 6000 steps (or 3 miles) that day. What is an easy walk one day, may be a hard and fast swim the next. But 3 miles is the end goal.

30 minutes means a 30-minute workout. It can be yoga, Pilates, circuit training, Tabata, HIIT or my workout videos. Whatever you decide. The point is for you to choose what you want to do that day for 30 minutes. But 30 minutes is the goal.

What’s so interesting about this method—and what I’ve learned and witnessed over the years—is that you can never plateau, never get bored, and it doesn’t take up a large part of your day. You can improve your time within the 3-mile framework. You can get stronger, leaner and more toned in just 30 minutes. You can find a variety of 3 mile and 30 minute workouts. It’s really a never-ending story within the 3 or 30 method.


My 3 or 30 is the philosophy that I believe will help you stay consistent. It is an approach to fitness to help you build healthy habits. It is about finding a way for activity to work into your already busy lifestyle and that won’t take away from you living your life to the fullest.

My goal here is very simple. Relationships may come and go, jobs may change, and you might move to a different city—but you and your body are in this together. It is the one thing that never leaves you. It is with you your entire life. I want you to treat it with the respect, love and attention it deserves. I want you to fall in love with you. I want you to know how incredible you are. I want you to discover your potential.

Let me be your guide and friend in helping you get there.

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