Know Your Why

Know Your Why

"You are better then what you are giving yourself right now. You are possible, you are capable you can, and you will, and you have to try" Celebrity trainer Kit Rich teaches you how to believe in yourself by knowing your why.


"Knowing your why” is one of the most important components to building confidence, belief and happiness in your life. “Knowing your why” is your deepest connection to you. For so many years I suffered from depression. I had no confidence. I didn’t believe I was worthy of anything and I remember so vividly, many years ago, lying down on my closet floor for hours pleading and begging to know happiness. During that period, most people would say to me that I needed to practice gratitude. I agreed with them. Others would say I needed to change my perspective. I agreed with them too. Some would say I needed to do small things everyday that improved my mood. Agreed. Absolutely. All of these things were and are true.

But it wasn’t until a dear friend and confidant said to me “know your why” that everything shifted. This major and simple component would truly change my life for the better and would allow confidence, gratitude, and perspective to take shape and redefine happiness for me. So, what is your why? Your why is not a list of goals or accomplishments. Instead, it is a mission statement that makes sure every action you take in life is consistent with your heart. It is a logline that makes sure your goals and accomplishments are connected to your purpose. Your why is a deep knowing within you that links you to your highest good and highest self. Knowing your why gives you confidence to listen to your intuition and act on it.

So how do you discover your why? It’s very simple. In a moment of solitude and quiet, simply ask yourself, “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” Listen for the answer. Write it down. How do you if the answer is the right one? Notice how you feel. Emotions are an incredible detector for truth. If the answer makes you feel off, sad, depressed or angry—then wrong answer. Try again. If your answer makes you feel hopeful, loving, open, energetic, clear and just plain good—now you’re talking.

Write down this why and remind yourself of this everyday as you go through your daily routine. Some of your daily choices will remain the same and some will change because they will rub up against what you know to be true in your heart. And once you know your why, once you know your truth, you won’t be able to ignore it. Your why is where confidence lives. Your why is where happiness resides. Your why is a calling that you cannot ignore.

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