Start Your Own Movement

Start Your Own Movement

“There is a difference between awareness and action. You can be aware of your habits and the things that are getting in your way, but you may not be doing anything about it.” Celebrity trainer Kit Rich discusses starting your own movement and taking action in your life.


To be aware and to make positive changes in your life based on that awareness are two separate things. To be aware is crucial to your evolution. Without awareness, there can be no change.

But if you don’t do anything to change your circumstances once you become aware, you are now a victim to your awareness. And when we become victim, we lose our power.

I once had a Pilates client who stayed in the wrong marriage out of fear of being alone and broke. She gave me constant excuses as to why she stayed in it despite her unhappiness. She spoke about her childhood and how her father lost his job and their house and everything attached to it. Soon after, her father passed away and her mother was left working two jobs just to get by on pennies. Her greatest fear was struggling like her mother did. Her childhood was shaped by that fear, loss and scarcity.

Now, in her mid forties, she was married to a man who very much felt like a father figure. He provided her with a large house, a nice car, and plenty in savings. He didn’t, however, make her feel loved in the way that she truly desired. He ignored her, squashed her ideas, and controlled how he wanted her to look. Her heart longed for a loving, supportive partner and, instead, what she chose was someone who would give her a false sense of security.

What unbelievable compassion I had for her. How hard it must be feeling so stuck. How hard it must be to feel so scared and powerless in your life. How hard it must be to not have any trust in yourself and your own capabilities. How hard it must be to truly believe that your past determines your future.

And remember, she was aware of why she chose her husband. She was aware that happiness was on the other side of it. Yet, her fear of change, her lack of trust in her, and her fear of addressing her childhood wound kept her in a place of pain and victimhood.  And her awareness, without action towards change, crippled her even more.

So this is where the line must be drawn in the sand. This is when your belief in you must be greater than your circumstances. When your intention must speak louder than your fears. When your desire for something greater must overpower your excuses.

It is with her permission I tell her story. I wish I could tell you she decided to stand up for herself. I wish I could tell you she chose her potential and not her past to relive over and over again. But her story isn’t over and she is just one example of how so many of us choose to live our own lives.

See the thing is, once you become aware, once you see the truth, you can’t unsee it. It doesn’t go away. It’s a freedom bell that rings progressively louder and louder until you take hold of it. And it is my greatest wish that you turn awareness into change and start your own movement towards the life you want.

Here are four small steps to helping you start your own movement:  


Like I said earlier, your intention is something that is greater than your fear. Your potential to living your best life lies in this intention. Write down an intention you have. It doesn’t have to be about every aspect of your life. It could be about wanting to change something very small. I would definitely keep it simple for now. But write it down. Make sure it is clear so that you can remind yourself of this intention on a daily basis. As you become more confident in you, you can address bigger parts of your life that seem harder to change.


Now that you have an intention, what is one small action you can take to help you with this intention? When I had an intention of writing more, my action was to write for one hour 3-4 days a week. This small action was incredibly useful. I was able to accomplish writing several pieces for big magazines, newspapers and even finished writing a full-length play.


Integrity is crucial when starting your own movement. It is a great idea to tell a close friend or family member about your intention and what you plan on doing to accomplish it and when.  Ask them to check in on you about this intention on a regular basis to hold you accountable and to keep you motivated to accomplish it.


The person you already are and are becoming resides in a place separate from the past. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) forget about your past but you don’t have to live there anymore. It is with great compassion and a light heart that you set your eyes on your intention, looking forward, and do not waiver. You are more capable than you can possibly imagine. You are enough. You can do this. Don’t give up. Ever. 

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