7 Training Tips for New and Seasoned Runners



There is nothing better than warmer days and flowers blooming to get yourself out of the house and onto the roads and trails! Whether you are new runner or a seasoned runner, here are some tips to get the spring training season started on the right foot! 

Purchase a fresh pair of running shoes

Choose a reputable local running store.  The best ones have experienced sales people who can tell you what kind of shoe you need just by watching you run down the block. Make sure the store you go to either asks to watch you run or spends time indoors assessing the biomechanics of your feet – this helps ensure you get the right shoes for your feet. Your feet are your most important asset – if the shoes don’t feel right or your feet hurt, running won’t feel good. And reputable running stores take back shoes that don’t feel right so it is worth the time and effort to find that local store!   

Ask a friend to be your accountability partner

Nothing gets you out of bed better than knowing your friend is waiting for you! On Sunday afternoons, take a few moments to plan your week with your accountability partner so you both know the plan and stick to it. 

Choose a race

Spring offers 5k and 10k races practically every weekend in many towns and cities, and runners love having something on the calendar to work toward! Maybe you have a half or a full marathon in mind – prepping for a half takes 2-4 months, and plan a solid 6 months for a full marathon. Look at your calendar and be realistic about your running goals because race day is just one day, but all race distances take weeks and/or months of training, which is the most important part.



Find a running group

Many local running and athletic clothing stores offer free weekday and weekend runs. There are also online running groups, and many cities use meetup.com to connect runners. Finding a local running group is one of the best ways to learn more about running and to make friends!

Start slowly if you are new to running

Walk/run plans are a great way to build up endurance if you are new to running. If you are a seasoned runner, remember to increase your weekly mileage according to a solid running plan. Working with a running coach or local running group can be helpful to get good advice and a training plan that makes sense. Place value on the hours you spend running because time on your legs is one of the keys to running success.

Find balance in your fitness

Integrate strength training and core work 2-3 times per week, and remember that one of the most important things a runner can do is to allow rest and recovery. You will get stronger when you give back to yourself with rest days and sleep, as well as foam rolling, massages, and Epsom salt baths. Our bodies are incredible machines but we need to care for them to support the recovery process.  

Write down your goals

I always encourage my runners to choose three running goals that have nothing to do with time. Time goals are great, but on any given day the time goal may or may not happen, so having other goals that will help you feel successful is important. One of my favorite goals is to remember to smile while I am running. I know that the positivity I feel as well as the feedback from others who smile back at me will keep me moving and help me to finish my run or race feeling great!  


Today's post is written by lucyPRO, Mary Drinkhouse. Mary lives in Portland, Oregon with her family: James, her husband, a Managing Director for Blue Wolf Consulting, and her teenagers, Holden (16) and Annie (14). Mary owns K Fit Studio, an all women’s gym in SE Portland. Mary started K Fit Studio with her business partner, Tammy Salvato, to create an environment where women of all fitness levels can have fun and get fit in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Mary shares her passion for running every Wednesday during three group runs on Portland’s urban volcano, Mt. Tabor, rain or shine, 52 weeks per year!  

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