Encourage Yourself like You Encourage Others


Do you remember when we were kids and adults would tell us how beautiful we are, how much they loved our smiles, how incredible we are, and how we were so capable of anything we put our minds to? Our childhoods were filled with sentiment and statements about loving yourself, being confident, and worthy of the world. What happened to that as we became adults? Somehow in adulthood we lost the importance of feeling beautiful, strong, and worthy.  


Lately in conversations I’ve had with my girlfriends and fellow #fitfam, the word grace has been thrown around left and right. The word grace has many meanings including elegance, beauty, flow, the refinement of movement, and harmony. But the one that I
have fallen in love with the most is: to honor or credit to someone or something. It’s incredibly interesting how we are able to provide our friends with the unlimited sources of encouragement, but we somehow can’t seem to find the power and strength to give ourselves that same respect. It is so common for us to be able to tell our girlfriends “IT’S OKAY.” but when it comes to the same statement that we need to tell ourselves when we fall or fail we frown down upon our fumbles.

In my own experience and journey I’ve learned so many incredible lessons. The biggest ones are the obvious such as believing in myself, knowing and seeing that I have the power to change my life and get back in shape, and turning my “I can’t” moments into
“I CAN!” The one lesson however that I feel I constantly revisit is the one about loving yourself and giving yourself grace for when you stumble. When tackling goals its so easy to get tunnel vision and stuck on a one track mind. You’re fueled up, the fire is stoking within, and you’re ready to go no matter what. But then life happens; you get an injury, you miss a day at the gym, kids are sick, deadlines are due and you find yourself putting your efforts on fitness on a brief pause while you tackle other areas that need your attention. This will happen, its inevitable because life is unpredictable and things will get thrown on your path that you cannot control. And when it does remember to encourage yourself like you encourage others. Give yourself that grace, gratitude, and self encouragement you need to keep you on your journey.


When you love yourself, you set the intention to take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. We are all human, we’re all a little imperfect and when you can acknowledge yourself for hard work that you’ve done you give yourself that sense of accomplishment and self confidence you need to face any obstacle in life. The best project you will ever work on in your life is you and investing in your personal development and growth is one way to love yourself and build your self worth.

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