Daring to Dream + Going Forward



If you’re like me, a little restless at times, and always looking at the stars or what lies ahead, then daydreaming and thinking about ways to innovate your work, workouts, food recipes, and life are a daily part of your thoughts. The greatest challenge is where to even begin. Most people get stuck on the ideation process and never know how to move forward. We say things like “I dream of being healthier or being more fit” or even “I dream of finally pursuing the career and passions I’ve been thinking of.”

During many of my coaching sessions with clients, we often discuss what roadblocks they are experiencing in the present moment that hold them back. Oftentimes, I find that it’s this mentality of scarcity and fear that creates a block from us pursuing our goals and ultimately living at our highest frequency. 



Daring to dream our wildest dreams creates a space of vulnerability and oftentimes, this window or door of vulnerability can lead us through a lot of emotions that make up the stories of both failures and successes that we tell ourselves. Sometimes we create shame stories of our past failures and tell ourselves in the present moment that we’re not good enough to go forward because we couldn’t do it then. While our past can tell us so much of what we’ve struggled through, we have to focus on what we’ve also achieved.

Progress is never linear. This is such an important thought to keep in mind because oftentimes, when we compare other people’s success to our journey, we only see the achievements. Rarely do we see the sacrifices and the challenges they had to overcome.

Before you give up on your dreams ask yourself these questions: 



1.  What are you committed to doing?

We get caught in this tunnel vision and mindset that doing it all equals success in life. But I think the goal and the key is to understand what you can commit to doing and focus on achieving those, rather than trying to do everything. 

2.  What would you need in order to move forward?

Taking a moment to do a quick inventory on what you need in this present moment is so important. We often forget about sequencing our actions to get to our goals. 



3.  How do you expect you’ll feel when you reach your goal?

This is the question that always gets my clients’ thoughts brewing. Rarely do we think about how we’ll feel when we get to a certain milestone such as losing 10lbs, fitting into a smaller dress size, etc. If you can understand that the positive feelings are often found in the present moment, then you can associate your present self-worth as fuel needed to reach your goals. 

Going forward means taking risks, including leaving some of our old habits behind. This can be so scary because there’s a whole world of the unknown. If you're trying something new, it’s going to be frightening. But turn that fear into excitement and allow the feeling of the unknown to bring you to new heights. 

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