7 Reasons Why We Love Girlfriend Getaways

A girls' weekend is rejuvenating, relaxing, hysterically funny and provides food for the heart, soul, body and mind. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy quality time with your best girlfriends. We asked members of the lucy team why they love a girls' weekend getaway and asked for their destination recommendations. Here’s what they said:  


1. Spend time with the ones who know you best

“A girls' trip/getaway weekend is much needed in my book. My closest circle of friends have been together since high school and we love going to Napa for the awesome wine and spa selection. Nothing beats getting pampered with your besties while sipping on some fine wine in the most beautiful place on earth. It’s always great to reconnect with the ones that know you best and work on keeping those tight-knit relationships close.” – Cathy N., HR Specialist



2. You can be silly together!

“I love weekend getaways with the ladies because it’s easy to be goofy and do whatever we want!  I love going camping on my girls’ trips to go on adventurous hikes, huddle around the campfire, and wake up to the sunrise! Ideally there’s a beach or lake nearby for an afternoon swim.” - Natalie W., Web Marketing Coordinator



3. Having time with girlfriends is a great way to decompress and recharge

“It’s always nice to get out of my routine and spend some quality time with the ladies in my life who keep me grounded. A few of my girlfriends and I have a trip planed to Ojai, CA. We’ll spend time hiking and being out in nature, cooking together, and sipping wine by the pool. Having time with girlfriends is always a great way to decompress and recharge." - Isabelle D., Product Director



4. Reconnect with each other

“I’ve been friends with the same group of ladies since middle school (that’s over 20 years!) and we all have crazy busy lives. Getting away as a group is a great way for us to reconnect and relax without all the pressures of our daily lives. The best getaway location is San Diego—the weather is fantastic, there are lots of entertainment options including beautiful beaches, authentic Mexican food, fun nightlife, and plenty of hiking/biking/running trails.” - Courtney M., Sr. Merchandising Coordinator



5. Escape into relaxation

“By getting away, we are allowed time to enjoy each other’s company to relax, vent, share stories and secrets, share new product finds, etc. Napa is the perfect girls’ getaway if you are in the Bay Area. There’s great wine, fresh farm to table food, and plenty of spas. It is close enough that you don’t need to get on a plane, but far enough where you can escape from the daily grind." Jeannette H., Sr. Financial Analyst



6. Laughter is good for the soul

“Weekends with my girls are truly amazing for the soul. I always return home refreshed and sore from so much laughing. One of my favorite girl weekends was in Seattle where we ran the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. After we got our 13.1 miles out of the way we spent the afternoon sipping mimosas, enjoying amazing food all while exploring the city. – Jessica F., Product Line Manager



7. Focus on self-care and wellness

“My BFF and I crave weekend getaways to focus on self care and wellness. Life is so demanding and fast-paced, with so many people and children vying for your attention, that slowing down and enjoying quiet time and girl-talk is so therapeutic. Since we are designers, we naturally gravitate towards a modern vibe and aesthetic. Our favorite places are San Jose del Cabo (far from the party zone of Cabo San Lucas) where there are lovely boutique and design hotels and organic farm-to-table restaurants. For a quick fix, we will go to Napa or Sonoma. Yountville has amazing spas and restaurants (Bardessono Resort, Hotel Yountville, or North Block Hotel).  It’s like going to Europe in a day. Other inspiring places are Sea Ranch for an architectural coastal escape or for a bit of glamping, I highly recommend Shelter Co., Coastanoa, or Treebones Resort." - Keryn F., Creative Director

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