Celebrate International Yoga Day



Today is International Yoga Day and we’re celebrating with yoga flows, deep breaths and all of our lucy yogis! Yoga is a timeless practice that calms the mind, body and spirit, promotes healthy living and enhances one’s well-being.

We rounded up a list our favorite yoga stories, tips and sequences for you. Pull out your yoga mat and let’s go! 


Flow with Stephanie Birch

Grab your mat and get in a quick 17-minute flow to start your day! 



Yoga for Newbies

If you’ve been considering starting your yoga practice, you’re not alone! Here are 8 tips to help you not only survive, but thrive in your first yoga class. 



Your Yoga Practice is Personal

Sometimes the biggest life transformations come from the most unexpected gifts in jumping into the unknown. Stephanie Birch shares her uncertain beginning with yoga.  



Yoga for Runners

Ann Mazur, elite runner and founder of Runners Love Yoga shares 4 reasons why runners need yoga. It makes all the time spent on the road, track, or trail more fluid and efficient. 



4 Yoga Moves to Activate Your Core

Crunch with a twist, balance in airplane and bend over backwards. Activate everything with these moves.


Yogi Breakfast

Fuel your flow (and your day!) with these easy overnight oats

Keep calm and yoga on. Shop our yoga collection here

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