I don’t own a journal. I don’t own a diary. But I do write down my thoughts everyday. I grab the nearest pen and paper or open the notes section in my cell phone (or computer), and start writing. This is a habit that I created years ago as a tool to detach myself from my negative thought patterns.

For the longest time, I believed there was no separation between who I was and my negative thoughts. As Descartes so famously said, “I think, therefore I am.” So if I thought I was ugly, then I was. If I thought I was a loser, then I was. My identity was choked by feelings and thoughts of low self-worth, fear, and lack.

Desperate for change, I got into the habit of writing these thoughts down. Wherever I was, I would pull out my cell phone and start writing. By doing that, I was literally able to see the physical separation of thoughts and myself. The thoughts were on the page, and I was looking at them. This distinction was my game changer.

By writing my thoughts down, it helped me detach from them. And if there was a detachment, with all respect to Descartes, it meant that I was more than my thoughts. It meant that I’m greater than my thoughts. And it also meant that I could choose to steer my thoughts in a different direction that served my highest good. Somewhere between me and my thoughts on the page, there was this space of infinite potential and possibility.

So, in essence, writing my thoughts down helped establish an awareness that was necessary for change and evolution.

After months and months of taking just a few minutes a day to write my thoughts down, I began to notice my specific thoughts patterns and their triggers. I became better at detaching myself from them so that they lost their power. And slowly, but surely, I became someone I always wanted to be. Slowly, but surely, I became the woman I always knew I was.




Try this exercise for 7 days straight and let your transformation begin:

1.  In the middle of the day, write your thoughts for 3 minutes.

I don’t want you to do this first thing in the morning. In the morning, everything is fresh and new. I want you to do this in the middle of your day when you are in the thick of it. For 3 minutes, write down your thoughts. Just listen and write without judging or editing yourself.

2.  Notice how you feel

Now take a few minutes to write down how these thoughts make you feel about you. Once again, don’t edit or judge.

3.  Ask yourself for the answer

After looking at your thoughts and reading about how they make you feel, close your eyes and start to focus on your breath. Feel the inhalation and the exhalation. Continue this for a few minutes then open your eyes. Write down, “What is a better thought I can have today?” Then write the answer. Notice how this answer makes you feel. Notice that you have the answer within you. It has always been there.

4.  Great job. Now go enjoy your day. 

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