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It has been scientifically proven that exercise produces endorphins, which helps us to feel like we can do anything. But what is it about exercise and working towards a healthier lifestyle that can make us feel accomplished? I’ve found that in my own life there are two areas that I always seem to lack the strength in: fitness and finance. They are the two areas in adulthood that take the most amount of dedication and hard work in order to see effective changes.

Starting any major healthy lifestyle change is hard. Its a personal change that doesn’t always have a lot of supporters when you start the journey. The loved ones around you don’t understand the reasons driving your fitness journey until the wheels are in motion. For myself this was true, most of my friends didn’t understand why I needed to lose the weight or get into shape. From the outside looking in, they saw a woman who had it all together. What they didn’t see was the constant battle I was fighting inside with my own depression, lack of self confidence, and struggles with defining my own self worth.

Although my weight loss was significant on my small frame I felt that the amount lost was no where near the impressive transformations you see or hear about advertised and splattered all over social media, commercials, and even friends around me. Looking for non scale victories are always the best ways to stay motivated and to keep pushing through. When I first started working out, I didn’t have the endurance or strength to go long and hard, which often left me feeling defeated in the first few months. Then I started looking at my exercises in a completely new perspective. I started to focus on how much I was able to lift or how long I was able to go instead of what I had lost in weight numbers or what I couldn’t do. Although the scale wasn’t moving as rapidly as I had expected or wanted I was making improvements on how much more I could lift and or how much less of a struggle it was to do cardio in the morning. I began to be surprised with myself on how I was able to lift 5lbs more than the week before or run 10 minutes longer than my first session of cardio. This began to boost my confidence in working out and I started to focus solely on these non scale victories which made feel like like I could do anything.

The same confidence started to trickle into other aspects of my life, such as work. I currently manage a team at a start up, which was a whole new experience for me. I’ve never had the experience of managing a team at this size at a corporation. Being a young female manager, I’ve always felt like I was seeking out acceptance amongst other managers at work and even my CEO. But when I started working out and started tackling personal fitness goals one by one, I began to think, what if I could do this at work? What if this new project that I had no experience in is something I can take on by focusing on the small victories vs the large high level goal? At the time I started my fitness journey, the team I managed at work was reaching a breaking point because as their leader I lacked the confidence to believe I could lead them. When I experienced success in my non scale victories in the gym, I began to succeed in small victories in my own life by focusing my efforts on the positive and taking each step one day at a time.

In life, and your fitness journey, you will be faced with challenging moments that stir up emotions of fear. It will rock your self confidence and make you run the other direction. It is in these moments where champions are made of and where heroes are born. Be your own hero, both in the gym and in your life!

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