Meet lucyPRO Gerry Hodne

lucyPRO Gerry Hodne’s relationship with Spin is like the old love you leave behind only to rekindle the flame years later. After teaching Spin during grad school, Gerry walked away for 10 years. When a friend took her to a class a couple years ago, she rediscovered and renewed her love for the bike. Now she’s a Spin instructor at one of the fitness industry’s leading clubs, Greenwood Athletic Club in Denver, Colorado.


How did you find Spin?

I opened up the Coors Fitness Center at the University of Denver and they needed instructors so they asked me to get certified. You could say spinning found me. Because of a job. And then it turned into a passion.

So why did you leave it?

I taught through my masters program, up until I was eight months pregnant with my first child, and after that I was so overwhelmed with motherhood and working, I decided I couldn’t keep teaching.

What did you do to stay active?

I have three kids now and while they were little, I really didn’t do anything specifically to keep fit. I kind of took eight years and just was a mom – and that was my workout, keeping up with the kids. There’s big guilt associated with being a mom. You feel guilty taking time for you but if you don’t take time for yourself, you’re not being a great mom. Grumpy affects everything in your household.

How did you find Spin again?

A friend I started working out with took me to a spin class and I thought, why am I not doing this? Then my husband bought me a road bike. So I decided to get recertified and then did a demo class at the club – how excited was I to get hired from that!

So how do you take care of you now?

Now I take an hour in the morning, before anyone is awake, at 5:30 and ride around the reservoir. It’s about a 50 min ride. I get home and then I’m on. It’s hard to get up, but I find if I don’t take that time, by end of day I’m stressed or irritated or grouchy, or all three. That AM time is fully for myself. It makes me such a better person.

Fitness goals coming up?

I have a 100 mile Venus de Miles ride that I signed up for in August. All women. I’ve never done a Century before. This weekend is my first triathlon in 15 years and I’m doing Olympic distance. I’ve only been back to working out for 2 years now. But anybody can do this. You don’t have to be a spin instructor. It’s about setting goals for yourself. It’s those little successes that let you push yourself further than you thought you could go.

But cycling is your thing?

I love it. The freedom you have on a bike is something you don’t have doing other things. Like when I run today, it hurts. But on a bike, I can keep going. It’s freedom, the wind in my hair. I can go fast and I’m competitive so if someone’s ahead of me, I can push to get ahead of them. It’s just a place I can be me without all the chaos that my normal life has.

What do you love about teaching Spin?

I like to reach the everyday person who’s working out, without being too technical. I like when they can do more than they think they can. I just love the fact that I can lead someone else to feel like I feel on the bike. And maybe just as I did, start on a bike in a class and make their way to a road bike and they might find their passion and end up somewhere they didn’t expect, just from taking a class.

Biggest challenge?

Time is the biggest challenge. Multitasking well – does anyone really do that? It’s something I strive for but I don’t consistently do a good job at it. I do the best I can. As a mom, I put my kids first. That’s my job. Sometimes I fail at putting my personal relationships first and my housework, man, that is not a pretty sight. And I will sacrifice my own time, like if I can’t work out, I am ok with that. Like maybe I will think about vacuuming with both arms so I’m still doing something that’s helping me to stay physically fit.


I want to be a great model for my kids. We ski, we ride, we take kids on activities, we bike around the reservoir. We’re hoping we’re modeling this and our kids will be inspired to keep on. We’re hoping it sticks. Kids get involved in the iPad, and just want to sit on the couch with the iPad all day.


I’m motivated by my friends in the neighborhood. Friends who’ve done marathons. I have a friend who does 10 k swims in open water. I’m just looking at people who are active while working and with kids. If other people can do this, why can’t I?


My go-to is a Clif Bar and Honey Stingers.

Beauty tip for Spin?

I don’t really care what I look like when I workout. But wearing something comfortable while you ride is very important.

Do you think a cute outfit make a difference?

I do. I think if you look good, you feel better about yourself and if you feel better about yourself, you can push yourself more. But I don’t think you should dress to look good and not workout. I see people at the gym who are dressed to the T but they’re not really working out. So go in with a goal and look good doing it. But don’t forget about your goal which is to make yourself a fitter person.

Favorite lucy items?

I wear lucy all day. And I have all kinds of things. The capri leggings are phenomenal. I wear the Everyday Pant all the time. lucy tech is what I’ve been running in. The yoga sweaters are amazing. My whole closet is lucy. I wear lucy with jeans. I wear it daily, for workouts, and to go out in.


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