A Getaway for the Mind and Body



We all know that the daily grind of work and personal life can be taxing on anyone and some days, exercise isn’t enough to settle the mind and calm the nerves. I go through these feelings several times a year and in the past couple of years, I’ve been better about being aware of the signs that my body and mind are reaching its tipping point. For me, these signs can look and feel like my mind is easily distracted, I’m unable to get a good night’s sleep because my mind is still running around, and my workouts are feeling uninspiring and un-motivating. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably a sign that you need to get away and take a break in order to regain balance in your life. 



Throughout the year, I do my best to schedule one large family trip and mini getaways here and there either for my husband and I, myself, or with girlfriends. I can’t stress how crucial time away is for both the professional and personal life. It’s the reset button we all need to hit from time to time to make sure we recharge the inspiration needed to create the life we want to live.



Mini retreats from exercise and a controlled nutrition is important too. So often, we find ourselves dedicated and focused on a 12-week exercise and nutrition program to take control of our health and fitness. These programs are incredible tools to set the foundation of an active and healthy lifestyle. However, finding balance and sustainability is really up to the individual because sustainability for one’s lifestyle will look different from one person to the next. 



In my case, I like to take a nice 2 week break from my normal structured strength training routine and regulated nutrition. I do this every 12-14 weeks throughout the year. It’s my way of taking a well needed rest break from the exercise and nutrition regiment that works in my life. During this period, I might spend more time doing yoga or taking other exercise classes instead of 5 days a week of weight focused resistance training. Switching up your routine is vital for breaking through any plateaus, especially when you’ve been going hard for the past few months. For example: having a few treat meals here and there while on a little break from the regiment can actually help to kick up your metabolism during a phase while you were restricting calories while on your nutrition regiment. Furthermore, rest days or physical breaks from your normal exercise routine allows your muscles to regain a little more recovery to come back stronger than you were before your break. Continuity is key to seeing results with health and fitness, but we all need a getaway to stay healthy and fit, for both the mind and body. 

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