Relentlessly Beautiful

A few weeks ago, I was tagged on an Instagram post by a dear friend, Athena Pelton. It was a call to action to post and share a photo of when I felt most beautiful. In a few short moments my heart was on fire to share a photo and tell the my instafams the moments when I feel the most beautiful.

“For me, I feel the most beautiful when I am allowed to be authentic to my thoughts, my opinions, my mind. I’m am the most beautiful when I can unleash my inner goddess to be openly honest with her fears, her frustrations, her dreams, her hopes, her everything. I feel the most beautiful when I’m speaking to other women about empowerment, inner growth, and spiritual change. I feel the most beautiful when I can be who I am despite my curves and my edges.

I dont need to be understood by everyone or accepted or even loved by everyone. I just want to be loved by me, THIS IS when I feel the most beautiful. ”

After sharing my post I naturally tagged several beautiful friends for the challenge and then my heart began to swell with this desire to create a small mini movement called Relentlessly Beautiful. As I began to read other women’s posts of what their definition of feeling or being beautiful meant to them it was so motivating and inspiring. I spent my Saturday afternoon fiercely hacking away on creating design assets, chatting with friends, and brainstorming on how to make this simple idea grow.

My own fitness journey was a process that helped me uncover so many truths. I strongly believe that there’s more to fitness than the perfect body, its about health, its about getting your life together, its about overcoming your fears, doubts, and insecurities. It’s about being healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. Its about being strong, being powerful, and being independent. It’s about feeling relentlessly beautiful.

There are two reasons I felt so compelled to do this:

1. Women are known to tear themselves down. It’s not easy being a woman and we often put ourselves in a place where we lose our self worth. We challenge our own self confidence through life experiences or what we think is being modest about our “beauty” because society has told us beauty is only surface level. The first reason, is to empower women to stand up for their own definitions of beauty.

2. My daughters, particularly this one, Airis, my 11 year old. The moment I realized what was driving me to be so depressed and unhappy with myself several years ago was when I was getting ready in her room. I looked in the mirror at what I was wearing before heading out on our Sunday family adventures and she said, “mom you’re so beautiful.” I quickly snapped and said, “no I’m not, I’m fat and ugly.” The look on her face…it was like I crushed her soul. Here is the woman figure in her life that is supposed to guide her, mold her, and empower her to do great things and I just crushed her truth about me. That moment lead me to taking better care of myself by eating well and working out. That moment was the start of my fitness journey.

#relentlesslybeautiful isn’t just for the grown women, its for the generations we lead. It’s for the little women in our lives. It’s our responsibility to share, continue to challenge one another as individuals and push each other towards a better life. This hashtag project isn’t just to get people to repost a photo of themselves. It’s to continue a movement we all have been fighting, we just didn’t know. It’s to all become stronger together so that we can uplift, elevate, and empower each other.

I ask that you think of the women in your day to day lives, grown and small. Infect them with this mission, spread the truth. Each person has the ability to change the world or someone else’s. They just have to believe they can.

Alongside with some amazing female creatives, we’ve created a tank for Relentlessly Beautiful where ALL  proceeds of the sale will be donated to To Write Love On Her Arms, a non profit organization dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression. This organization hits home to me because of my own struggles with depression from when I was a teenager till about 2 years ago when I faced my adult issues head on. For more info on this visit my blog.

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