Sheer Strength & Being a Mom

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Being a mom to two daughters calls for more than just strength and courage, it calls for vulnerability and honesty as well.


Just recently I experienced an onset of depression that was caused by nothing in particular. There wasn’t a direct cause as to the onset of sadness, I just woke up and the emotions just took over.  The great thing is that I had my health and fitness routine that serves as a coping tool and mechanism to help me overcome these emotional overloads. But the biggest coping tool through it happened to be my daughters and husband. I used to run from my emotions and stress, lock them in such tight quarters so that my family would never see them, I thought that this was the best thing for my family and my daughters. I used to believe that showing your weaknesses would only cause disruption in the day to day family life. Just recently that entire mindset changed for me and I realized that showing your vulnerability to the ones you love helps you gain the strength needed to carry on each day.


Like I always say, success comes from overcoming your setbacks, and its how we approach those setbacks that will be the leading example for our children. My girls have played such a vital role to the last 3 years of my fitness journey. Being completely honest with myself about my fears, my past failures, and my hopes and dreams have allowed me to be publicly open to sharing them with my daughters. The more they learn about life and the challenges that women face both in the home and outside the home I feel that they are better equipped to face the world as the strong women I hope that they can become.

"Being completely honest with myself about my fears, my past failures, and my hopes and dreams have allowed me to share them with my daughters"

The other night I asked my 11 year old daughter about her definition of strength, she said to me “Strength isn’t about physical strength, its about showing strength in being kind to others and showing strong love.” I told her that my definition of strength isn’t always about being powerful, sometimes allowing yourself to share your weaknesses is a sign of strong character.

It’s important as mothers to connect worldly lessons in life to all of the different angles, both the highlights and the shadows. Without one, we can never come to appreciate the other. The strength of a woman comes from the struggles she overcomes and the challenges that she faces, finding the power and inner strength that lies within her.

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