5 Reasons You Should Take Your Workout Outside



Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate going to the gym. I enjoy playing with the fancy machinery. I like taking classes where the dim (or flashing lights) make me feel like I’m in a nightclub. I also love the loud music that keeps me from hearing my thoughts about wanting to quit.

But at the end of the day, these are all just cool ways to keep people interested in working out. The machinery, the music, the lights—it’s all just for fun!

The beautiful thing about fitness is that for it to be effective, it doesn’t require anything but you and your own body. You are the most optimal machine. And you can workout anywhere and at any time and still get the results you desire.

So if you’re looking to change up the scenery and get outside, here are 5 reasons you should consider switching it up:   



1.  You burn more calories

Your body can plateau when it has gotten used to doing the same routine and intensity at a gym or in a fitness class. Working out outside provides a varied terrain and change in temperature that challenges your body in new ways.

2.  Doesn’t cost money

Working out outside doesn’t cost you any money. So maybe if you’re penny pinching this month after a crazy summer, it might not be a bad idea to switch up the treadmill for the trails and save a couple hundred bucks.

3.  It improves your mood

Working out outside gives you that much needed Vitamin D. It also helps give you more energy and revitalizes you. If you go for an outside jog, the constant change of scenery keeps your brain stimulated and focused.

4.  It works with your schedule

If your schedule changes suddenly with work or family obligations, you can still figure out how to fit in no matter what. Being malleable but committed to exercise are two key components to staying consistent.

5.  It helps you disconnect from technology

All day we are on our computers or on our cell phone. Working outside is a great way to disconnect and become more connected to nature. It helps to clear your mind while reducing stress.  

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