10 Tips for a Staycation or Local Getaway

Summer is a season filled with travel, adventure and sunshine. We dream of long vacations with friends and family to ease our minds, relax and really embrace that slower pace of life. However, if you’re looking for a jolt of energy and rejuvenation to give you a break from the daily grind, why not consider a staycation or local getaway? Since you don’t have to travel as far, you’re able to turn these into more frequent weekend getaways or day trips!

We asked members of the lucy team for their staycation tips and favorite local getaway spots. Here’s what they said: 



What are some of your tips for a staycation or local getaway?

1.  Ditch the cellphone and the computer to truly unplug.

2.  Get in a good workout to energize. Hiking trails are all around, Bay Area Hiker is a comprehensive resource for finding great hikes near you.

3.  Filter for treehouses or other unique types of listings on Airbnb.

4.  Bring your camera and take photos from a spot that is unique instead of the shot that everyone else is taking!

5.  Find the best local coffee shop.

6.  Get up early to watch the sunrise or get out at night to look for the Milky Way.

7.  Bring s’mores supplies.

8.  For a staycation adventure, always prep the night before. Packing a bag of snacks/water and an extra sweater the night before will allow you to start your staycation on a relaxing note!

9.  Go with the flow. Staycations are for relaxation and fun, so just go with the flow of the day and allow for some spontaneous adventures along the way!

10.  The best part of the bay area is the range of climates and terrain that we have access to. When I need a weekend get away my go-to is a spur of the moment road trip. I have a van that I’ve converted into a camper so I just hop in it and head out for a weekend of camping, hiking, climbing and relaxing in the sun.



Where are your favorite staycation or local getaway spots?

Kehoe Beach up near Point Reyes is the best! A short 1/2 mile hike from the road leads up to a beautiful, expansive beach with plenty of room to roam, picnic and play. While it might not be the best beach for a swim (the currents can be brutal), the sights are lovely, and there’s hardly ever a crowd. It’s also dog-friendly which makes every destination 10x better in my book! – Lauren N., eCommerce Project Lead



For a true staycation, explore your neighborhood! Check out that coffee shop that you always drive by, find a local park for a picnic, or take a bike tour! I’m always surprised at what I find when I really pay attention on my runs or walks in my neighborhood. For a more urban staycation, I love going down to Santa Cruz, CA. The boardwalk, the beach, and everyone is so laid back. If I want to go on a bit of a road trip, Joshua Tree, CA is downright magical. It’s almost like you’re on a different planet! – Natalie W., Web Marketing Coordinator



Ferry to San Francisco, spend a day at the piers, see the sea lions, visit Golden Gate Park with my kiddies, followed by a BART or ferry ride home. – Michelle D., Director of Sales



I love taking the ferry from Tiburon to Angel Island for a day full of hiking/biking, drinking cocktails and eating food at the Cantina, and hanging out by the little beach. You can spend the day on the island or even camp out for the night at one of the camping sites! – Maureen B., Field Marketing Manager



For some beach time I love a weekend road trip to Stinson beach. My favorite hike is Steep Ravine trail where you can end your hike at a tree swing that looks out on the California coast. And the best way to finish the day is with some great seafood and wine at the Sand Dollar restaurant. If I feel like getting out to the mountains I head to Tahoe. My favorite Tahoe adventure is camping and climbing at DL Bliss state park.  Here you can car camp in the redwoods, hike down to the beach for lake swimming or paddle boarding, and the access to bouldering is just a 5 minute walk from the campsite. – Isabelle D., Product Line Director

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