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I have wanderlust. We all love to travel. Everybody travels whether it’s for business, pleasure, vacation, or soul searching. Breaking out of our environment is one way to refresh the mind and soul, find creativity and a sense of rest.

One of the biggest challenges with traveling is getting thrown out of our normal routine. If you’re like me (a gym rat), all of a sudden you’re not around your favorite equipment or machines. If you run around your neighborhood, you have to find a new path to follow. If you meal prep like I do, you’re out of a kitchen, all your favorite spices, and even a fridge. The worst thing about traveling is catching a good night’s sleep in a bed that’s not your own.

No matter how much we love spontaneity and change, we are all creatures of habit and nothing is worse than feeling derailed in a routine you’re comfortable with. In the course of my lifestyle change I’ve managed to pick up little tips and tricks that work well for me and I hope that they'll help you too. 



1. Do your research.

If you’re someone who has control of booking your travel and likes certain amenities like a gym, fitness studio, yoga or cycling, spend some time searching the area you’re traveling in. Book a hotel or AirBnB property that is located close enough to a facility in your gym network or a fitness studio you’re willing to try out. Most studios in major cities will have a travelers weekly rate or a first time visit for free so that helps to save you some extra spending cash for your vacation adventures! If you’re lucky enough to find a hotel with a gym, take a look at the pictures online and see what equipment they have that’s close to some of the things you’re used to.

2. Prepare your meals.

Whether you’re jumping on a plane or road tripping, make some meals that are easy for you to take with you. Pack a small cooler or large cooler if you’re road tripping and fill it up with fresh fruit, vegetables, greek yogurt, or your meal prepped meals. When traveling local, I like to prepare all my meals that I’ll need for the days I’m out of town and leave myself one or two cheat meals depending on whether or not I’m prepping for a competition. When I’m traveling for a long trip, such as my vacation to Hawaii in 4 weeks, I’ll be packing some basic essentials like protein powder for protein shakes, bars, and one and a half days worth of meals prepped for my travel day.    



3. Make smarter choices while dining out.

I know it’s easy to get excited when checking out new restaurants. I’m a big time foodie myself and love going on food adventures! If you know you’ll be indulging on your trip and needing to eat out more often than you’d ideally like, take a look at the menu and make some alternative choices and swaps. I like to eat local, organic, and seasonal if possible. These choices give me peace of mind when trying to nourish myself with the most nutrient dense foods. When reviewing a menu of a restaurant that is new to me, I first look at all the grilled, baked, or pan seared options. Stick to fish, chicken breast, and lean steak if possible. Stay away from fried menu items, skip the appetizers, and heavily sauced or high carb pasta dishes. Make sure your meals are balanced and if the carb options aren’t the best, ask to see if you can swap it out for grilled veggies, baked carbs, or any other healthier alternatives they may have. Most restaurants place a butter finish on top of their proteins for flavor and yummy goodness, but dairy can also cause bloating and overconsumption will begin to affect weight gain. Just ask if you can have your meal dairy-free.

4. Pack some workout clothes, shoes, and any equipment you can use without the gym!

My BootyBands, jumprope, and bluetooth headphones are a part of my suitcase essentials. These are items I can’t live without, especially when I know I can get a workout in no matter where I’m at. My iPhone is a great tool for me when it come it comes to working out. The two apps that are helpful for me while traveling fit are: NTC training App, The Kayla Itsines Sweat app, and Yoga Studio, my new found love.

People embark on a fitness journey for several reasons, but I think that the two main ones are to change their body composition (to lose weight or gain weight/strength) or to make some changes in their lives to become more active and healthier. Your fitness goals don’t need to come to a pause when you travel, you just need to get creative with them and find ways to move your body and to have fun. 



Here’s my favorite plyometric workout that only requires your body:


1 min. High Knees

1 min. Push-Ups

1 min. Ice Skaters or Lateral Bounds

1 min. Plank


4 sets of 25

Squat Jumps

Alternating Jumping Lunges

Sumo Squats

Ab Bikes (25 each side)

Curtsy Back Lunges (25 each side)


(20 seconds each leg)

Figure 4 Stretch

Lying Hamstring Stretch

Quad Stretch

Side Bend

Child’s Pose 

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