Trip Out: 5 Travel Bloggers to Inspire Adventure

I have a travel tradition: when I get back from a trip, I plan my next one. Where to go is not usually the question, since I have a long list of to-gos. The questions are where next and who to go with? And sometimes it’s spontaneous, like when I booked Iceland two months out with a girlfriend who’s always ready to go. Whether you’ve been planning for weeks or months, travel bloggers provide free advice and endless inspiration, alongside casual reviews punched with personality. Here are six to help you plan your next adventure.

Travel essentials to get the party started, photo: @kirstenalana

Aviators and a Camera

You’ll get lost in Kirsten’s larger than life captures on Aviators and a Camera. A professional photographer, Kirsten’s favorite place to shoot is Paris, and her travels span South Africa, Turkey, Jamaica, and Great Britain, to New Hampshire and Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s pretty cool that she explores domestic and international equally. She’s passionate about hotel reviews and has a cheat sheet for spas.

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Johnnie Gal taking a break from the action

Dirtbag Darling

Johnnie Gal left her post at a magazine for the open road and started Dirtbag Darling, an adventure lifestyle guide. A road tripper who lives in a Sprinter van most of the time, she knows how to rough it. From biking and surfing to camping and rock climbing, this site encourages you to get moving and get outdoors. Her travel guides span surfing Noosa, Australia, and exploring Puerto Rico’s caves, to how to do Yellowstone in one day. The 101 series are motivating for outdoor adventure beginners.

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Ashley Muir Bruhn in Los Angeles with her kids and plants aplenty

Hither & Thither

Ashley, the approachable voice behind Hither and Thither, is a mother of two who often travels with her family, cue the bonus family travel content. Half lifestyle, half travel, there are inviting recipe and design ideas and a large focus on California and New York. In 5 Things, global bloggers share their local favorites, providing insight into a range of places.

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The How You Glow gals colorblocking in Grenada

How You Glow

Health and wellness shine through How You Glow. Jessie and Tara’s travel guidesskew mellow retreats like Ojai, CA, and Tulum, and they’ve also conquered Marrakech and Montreal. The two love fashion, always looking cute as they profile trailblazers in the health and wellness world. From natural products to book reviews, these girls are your go-to if you seek a soul energizing getaway, like their recent excursion to Nicaragua.

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Katie McKnoulty of The Travelling Light gazing over Bali


The Travelling Light

Secret gardens. Tucked away cafes. Funky thrift shops. The Travelling Light veers away from touristy spots in Venice (Italy), Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Vietnam, and more, sharing through an artsy sepia toned lens. From her tea party in Hoi An to the Prada outlets outside Florence, this girl knows her way around. Sign up for her free travel guides for off the beaten track advice.

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