We Work it: Meet Sara, Sr. Product Line Manager

We work it, we wear it. At lucy, we design for the way we live. We’re busy, active women (and men!) balancing careers, family and fitness, and finding inspiration at every turn. You’ve already met our fearless design director, Keryn Francisco, and our innovative design team, now meet Sara, our Sr. Product Line Manager and yogi.

What is your go-to workout?

I participate in several different sports: running, cycling, swimming, hiking, soccer and yoga. But, my favorite thing to do by far is to practice Vinyasa Flow Yoga at my local studio. Over the last three months I have increased my practice to ten hours a week and it has changed my life!

Has working for an activewear brand influenced your fitness perspective?

Working for an activewear brand definitely keeps me motivated to stay fit. Because I’m in the product team, I want to test all of our products so I can understand how we can continue to make product that exceeds fan expectations. It’s a big responsibility to make product that connects people to their deepest passions. The right apparel can make all the difference between a great session and one that is full of distraction. I take it very seriously.

How does being active positively influence your entire life?

Yoga has had a profound influence on my life. I started to deepen my practice in efforts to gain stillness and balance in my life. I have been really surprised with how fast I have progressed and the changes I have seen physically and mentally. It has helped me to find a very balanced, peaceful perspective and I find that I return to my Mantra throughout the day, a benefit that is serving me very well.

I think the reason I have fallen so in love with Yoga over any other sport, is that rather than competing against other people, Yoga is like a mirror that reflects back my own potential and ability to become my best version of myself. Even though I have made a lot of progress in my practice in  a short time, I know I will be a beginner for the next ten years! There’s something very grounding and reassuring about that!

My husband is my barometer of change, and he has really seen me transform not just into a physically stronger woman, but into a more engaged and patient partner and mother.  Which are all things I am even more proud of than my headstand!

Yoga is like a mirror that reflects back my own potential and ability to become my best version of myself.

What’s your best way to fit fitness into a busy life?

I used to get into a great groove working out for a few weeks and then something would throw me off my game…work, my husband would have to travel, laundry…I would let it fall off. But, this year something changed. Every year we pick a family New Years Resolution. This year we landed on the concept of wellness, which has made it easier to prioritize because I have the support of my husband and daughter.

For me the best way to get my time on the mat in is to plan ahead, and share my schedule with my husband so I have someone who will hold me accountable. I’ve set a goal to attend at least 6 classes a week and I book them all on Sunday night. I do three classes in the morning, at 6AM, which is great because it’s an easy way to go without impacting my families schedule. I also love the energy Yoga gives me in the morning. There’s something about hitting the mat at sunrise that makes a weekday feel like a Saturday, which I also love!

I also look for ways to get in cardio that I can do my family, which is really fun! It adds a lot of variety and excitement to our evenings and weekends. It’s a great way to get quality time together and to instill a love of being active into our daughter. We’ll go for a hike in the woods or decide to ride our bikes to run all our errands. One of my favorites is to go running with my daughter, who is six and can run about a mile. She and I will cheer the whole way, “Girls Rule!” which makes me smile.

Do you have go-to lucy items and why?

I have so many favorite lucy items, it’s hard to choose! I am never not wearing lucy!

Because I squeeze in my workouts right before or right after work, I like workout clothes which can transform easily into my street clothes. I literally wear the Studio Cami Racerback everyday! It’s almost become a joke around my house! I’m obsessed! It’s the best for layering. It’s so easy to throw it on in the studio and pop a denim shirt or a dress over it afterwards. I love how the straps look peeking out.

I wear the Perfect Core for a lot of my sessions on the mat. I love how supported it makes me feel. And, they are my husband’s favorite pants! He knows them by name! They make me feel so sleek and they make my booty look amazing! It’s like an extra dose of confidence when I am trying out a new pose!

I also love the Do Everything Cuffed Pant. On days I coach my daughters soccer team it’s essential! I can wear it with booties and a cute top during the workday, and when I run out to practice I can swap out my coaches tee and my running shoes and be ready to hit the pitch in minutes! When you have a dozen six year olds waiting on you, being a quick change artist is key! It has enough stretch I can sprint on the field with ease and it’s so lightweight and quick-drying it keeps me comfortable in the afternoon heat!

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