Buns of Steel: 7 Workout Ready Hair Buns

We all get in a workout hair rut once in a while. Before you jump to changing your color or attempting a new cut, why not take the time (and save some money) to learn some new ‘dos. Try a new bun on, especially one that translates into non-workout life too. Classic ponytail aside, the bun always does the trick; it keeps hair out of the face while maintaining a feminine vibe. Here are 7 buns to consider.

Weight Training: Low side loop bun

A loop bun can bring some whimsy to pumping iron when worn to the side. And it’s super quick: Loop and cinch, breathe and focus.

Hiking: Reverse loop top knot

A top knot keeps hair away from your neck and an already messy reverse loop can brave the elements.

Swimming: Low wet twist

To protect color treated hair, rinse with water before you enter the pool and secure in a low wet twist. Unless you’re a synchronized swimmer, a swim cap is optional.

Yoga: Super high messy bun

An elevated bun always adds a pretty twist, even when it’s messy. And when the time comes for savasana, you always want your head (and heart) to be completely relaxed.

Barre Class: Heidi braid bun

Give your classmates something to focus on, other than burning thighs, with a casually done Heidi braid bun.

Running: Low twisted bun

Impact and wind require something that won’t bounce out of place. A low twisted bun is comfortable and effortless, just be sure to cinch tight so you’re not readjusting at red lights.

Dance: Low braided bun

The movement of dance and braids go hand in hand. A low braided bun is unique, and won’t shake out of place when you shake your bootie.

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