Behind the Seams: the making of #iseelucyeverywhere

A funny thing happened when Keryn Francisco started working for lucy activewear. She started seeing the lucy ‘l’ bar – you know, our bright orange lucy logo – everywhere. The bright orange post in the parking lot reminded her of lucy. The carrot in her salad reminded her of lucy. The Arterra building in San Francisco was the lucy bar on repeat. It became an obsession, she worried for her sanity as she realized #iseelucyeverywhere. Then one day, she realized she wasn’t alone!

At lucy, we really do see lucy everywhere. On the subway, out in nature, even in the reflection of the sunset on the bay outside our office. The bright hit of orange brightens up our day; it’s a little reminder of how great we feel when we’re active!

We pitched the story to our director, Jillian, and hoped she’d get the idea. Were we alone in spotting orange bars everywhere? Or were we onto something here? Lucky for us, she got it, and even snapped this photo back to us:

“When you see orange, let it be a reminder to be the best you you can be.”

Yep, we decided. She got it. And out we went, scouting for orange bars throughout San Francisco!

First stop, the Arterra building, boasting hundreds of bright orange bars!

We spend a few hours in a super cute apartment (look! orange walls!!) to film a few details. Above, no, it’s not a trick clock, we had to reset it over and over to get the 7:01 shot!

How many prop glasses (and washings!) does it take to get the perfect shot? Just 2!

Next up, inspired by a real life example, chopsticks hand dipped with orange tips.

Orange birthday candles! Perfect to ignite a wish!

Back at the restaurant, the perfectly placed (and cut!) carrot!

What do you see when you look at the Golden Gate Bridge? We see double lucy ‘l’ bars! We lucked out for a beautiful (and extremely windy!) shot at the headlands.

And that’s a wrap! With the perfect sunset reflecting off the bay, #iseelucyeverywhere!

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