Why we love orange

Every lucy garment carries the lucy “l,” you know, that bright hit of orange on the left side. It’s always felt right to us but it got us thinking, what is it about orange that we love so much?   What we found was so crazily right on we just had to share.  Check this out.  According to color psychology….

Orange is fun. It uplifts, gives confidence and creates joy. Orange is optimistic, dynamic, and radiates warmth.  It stands for stimulation, determination, success.  It’s the color of adventure and social communication.  It sparks joy and creativity.  Orange offers emotional strength in tough times. Orange is spontaneous and enthusiastic and encouraging.  It inspires physical confidence, competition and independence.

We think that’s eerily perfect – don’t you agree?   Actually, it’s more than perfect, it’s meant to be.

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