3 Breakfast Bowls to Kick off 2015

The New Year is upon us and people everywhere have decided to start eating healthier and making adjustments in their diet. As wonderful as it is, too often come February people fall off track because they haven’t created a significant foundation to keep their new healthier efforts in place. One way I’ve found that’s very effective is starting your day strong and finding some go-to breakfast recipes that you can always count on to get you going on the right foot and fuel you for your day!

Here are a few of my favorite breakfast bowls right now because they’ve certainly made my take on breakfast a lot more exciting! Have fun with these simple recipes and feel free to get creative and make them your own based on your own pantry and preferences!

Strawberries and Cream Chia Pudding

I’ve become a huge fan of chia pudding in the past several months, it’s easy to put together, leave in the fridge and have it ready for you after your done getting ready or even prep the night before. It’s full of omega 3s and good for you fats, it fills me up with out slowing me down and this particular recipe feels really desserty, decadent and delicious.

5 tbsps of chia seeds

1 cup of culinary coconut milk lite

2 tsp of vanilla extract

1 tbsp of coconut nectar

1 cup of strawberries

In a mason jar or small bowl, mix together the chia seeds, coconut milk, vanilla extract and coconut nectar. Stir well and place in your fridge. Let it refrigerate for an hour or two while periodically checking on it and stirring it up to prevent clumping. While it’s in the fridge, slice up a cup of fresh strawberries and put in a separate bowl. When pudding is done and has a thick consistency, alternate layers of sliced strawberries in a mason jar or parfait cup to complete your strawberries and cream parfait!

Yogi Breakfast Bowl

Yogi bowls don’t have to just be for lunch and dinner anymore. I love the concept of just putting a selection of yummy good for you foods in a large bowl and mixing and matching. It’s great for when you just have some random things around the house and want to make a solid breakfast. This yogi bowl is quickly becoming a new staple in my house.

1/2 cup mixed berries

handful of assorted unsalted raw nuts

½ cup of granola

1 cup of coconut milk yogurt

I love to add them all into a large bowl and mix and match as feel when I eat! Super easy, simple breakfast to just have more fun in the morning while you’re nourishing yourself.

Cherry Cashew Power Oats

Sometimes I just want something warm and soothing. As much as I love smoothies, it’s good to have a nice hot recipe in your back pocket for the cold months when you want food to warm you up. The cashews in this recipe will make you feel good and provide you with protein to fuel your day. I also throw in some maca for hormone balancing and sustained energy to amp it up even more!

½ cup gluten free quick oats

¼ cup oat bran

1 tbsp cashew butter

handful of sweet cherries

3 tsp of flax seed meal

1 cup almond milk

1 tsp of maca powder

1 tsp vanilla

a pinch of cinnamon + nutmeg

Garnish with additional cherries and cashews

In a small sauce pan on medium heat, place your almond milk, letting it come to a slow boil before adding your oats, oat bran, cashew butter, cherries, maca, vanilla and spices. Keep an eye on the pan and and keep stirring for a few minutes, once oats have softened transfer to a bowl and garnish with additional cherries and cashews.