Coconut Pineapple Smoothie Bowl


Post yoga bliss has met its match with this coconut pineapple smoothie bowl. Hot temperatures, cool smoothie- a match made in flavor heaven. This smoothie bowl will not only transport you to a tropical island with the flavors, but nourish your muscles with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Food is fuel not only for your stomach but for your muscles. Coconut milk is nutrient rich in fiber, vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6 and minerals including iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Pineapple is one of the highest vitamin C sources, which is great for fighting colds and for eye health. It's high in fiber but unlike many other fruits and veggies, pineapple contains significant amounts of bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down protein, possibly helping digestion, according to the American Cancer Society. Also known for its anti-inflammatory properties - great for post workout muscles. Chia is naturally gluten free and non-GMO. It's a whole grain food that is an excellent source of Omega 3's - perfect for a plant-based diet. And last, yet not least, bananas are packed with potassium and magnesium but is a great source of B6 & B12. Let food heal and restore you!

I'll also note that my kids loved this smoothie flavor and topped it with fresh mango slices adding to the tropical flavor profile. Frozen pineapple also works in this recipe in a pinch if you don't have fresh pineapple hanging around. Without any further delay, let's get to the how-to!


1 fresh pineapple (using half of pineapple fruit for the smoothie bowl)

1/3 cup of unsweetened coconut milk

2 frozen bananas

1/2 cup or so of shaved ice

Optional toppings:


Coconut flakes (unsweetened) toasted or not

Pineapple slices

Banana slices

Fresh or frozen mango slices


For this recipe avoid using canned coconut milk.


First, you want to slice your pineapple in half with a very sharp knife being extremely cautious. Once sliced in half, I took a smaller knife and removed the hard inner core of the pineapple and discarded. I then sliced around the pineapple to make a bowl, leaving a good supportive edge and removed the fruit with a spoon to use in my smoothie (see photo below).


Working with one half of the pineapple, I added the fruit removed with a spoon to my Vitamix (or any high powered blender).  Then add the coconut milk, frozen bananas and ice. Blend on the smoothie setting until blended and creamy. Pour that into your halved pineapple and add your desired toppings. I did opt to slice up the other half of the pineapple to use for topping and for eating. Sit back, grab a straw & enjoy!


Happy summer!

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