Eating for Intuition

Eating for intuition? Is that a real thing? Does the food I eat really effect how well I can hear my internal guidance system? Yes, you heard me right, you can actually eat you’re your intuition. Do you notice how your mind can get foggy after eating certain foods while others give you more focus and clarity? We have very real reactions to the foods we eat and if we are on a journey to be more in touch with that guiding voice from within then we had better take stock of what we’re using to fuel our bodies.

You can’t eat junk food and expect to have a clean mind. Foods that are highly processed, made of refined white flour or loaded with sugar fog up our minds. They slow us down and often make it difficult for us to focus. Each of us has our own set of trigger foods or foods that we may have a certain sensitivity to. It’s helpful to take the time and keep track of what you’re eating and how you are feeling after eating it for a couple weeks to have a more specific idea of which foods work you and which foods don’t. I call this a food-mood journal when I work with clients and I’ve found it extremely helpful to be your own detective since we are all created with levels of efficiency for processing different foods. Keeping track of how the food you’re eating is effecting how you’re feeling can give you eye-opening discoveries for how to improve your health and clear your mind. It will also enable you to experience first hand just how much our nutrition plays a part in the clarity of our mind. Give it a try, sometimes experiencing this is way more motivating than just reading about it in an article. Too often we don’t even think to bring awareness to how what we are consuming is effecting us each day. Through bringing that awareness to your diet you will really get a better sense of how you can fine-tune the foods your eating to clear your mind and nourish your body at it’s highest level.

We all have this beautiful inner guidance system that can help us direct our lives

It’s all connected. There is no separation between any of the parts of you, so what’s good for your body is good for your mind and vice-verse. Those alkalizing leafy greens that are great for reducing inflammation are also going to help you be a clear vessel to hear your intuition. That sugar that’s going to give you a quick high and then leave you exhausted and craving more is going to keep your mind distracted and hyper-active. So it’s safe to say when you start eating for intuition, you will also start eating for your body’s optimal health.

For me, as I’ve gotten further along my spiritual path, daily meditation and yoga has become a regular part of my life, and I have really started to value the gift of my own intuition. How magnificent is it that we all have this beautiful inner guidance system that can help us direct our lives, it seems like such a tragedy to block that connection. When we tap into our intuition, we start noticing what feels expansive and what doesn’t, we are able to make decisions with our highest good in mind. When I started thinking about this as the leading motivation behind the foods I eat it completely shifted my perspective on how I thought about my three meals a day. Now I see each bite I put in my mouth as a choice, I’m either choosing to be clear or I’m choosing to be cloudy, it’s a decision we can all make everyday.

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