Glow from within: Berry Pitaya bowl recipe

A smart chef always knows that you eat with your eyes first, which is why pitaya bowls can be a great gateway healthy breakfast. They look so fun (I call them Barbie bowls because of the vibrant pink color) but they are also packed with tons of antioxidants. I added some chia seeds and cashew butter to this recipe so you have some solid fuel to balance out the sweeter fruits, making this a perfect and pretty way to start your day.


1 pitaya packet (or dragonfruit)

handful of strawberries

1 tbsp of cashew butter

1 cup of coconut milk

handful of blueberries

2 tsp of chia seeds

1 banana

Garnish: additional berries and cashews

This beautiful bowl will inspire you to keep starting your day with good for you super foods, especially if you’re just starting out on your healthy journey. Blend up all ingredients and get creative with how you garnish it!

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