Start glowing from the inside out

That radiant glow, is it her skin cream, is it her facialist? Chances are, no, it’s a combination of the food she eats, her stress level and the amount of self-care she practices on a daily basis. We mistakenly see all these contributing factors as separate when in reality they are all part of the whole. You can eat impeccably but be stressed beyond measure and never sleep enough and you will look like crap, feel like crap and be the farthest thing from glowing. Similarly, you can give yourself tons of ‘me time’, meditate each morning but if you’re shoveling processed and fried foods in your body, I bet your body doesn’t feel as good as you imagine it should. When we start looking at “glowing”, which is an adjective I like to use for the radiant shine that emanates from someone whose health and wellbeing are seeping through their skin like sunbeams, as an effect of the whole and not the result of one of the parts we can get that gleam once and for all. And, of course, feel better than ever in our own skin which is the whole point anyway! So how do you do it? Well I’ve broken it down into three simple parts that make up the whole so that you can give yourself a little self check up to see which area you might need to bring more awareness to!

think of your food as your fuel, a determining factor in how smooth you run and how bright you shine.

EAT CLEAN. What we eat literally makes up the cells we are made of. You are what you eat. If you put junk in, you will look like junk, feel like junk and have a mind constantly swarming with junk. When you eat clean, plant based foods you fuel your body with the highest form of energy. Leafy greens help alkalize our body’s pH levels reducing inflammation. Roots vegetables ground and nourish us. Start thinking of your food as your fuel, a determining factor in how smooth you run and how bright you shine. Want to glow? Start eating fresh, plant foods. Fill up your plate with at least half vegetables for an easy way to get started. Stay away from fried or overly processed foods and start to focus on getting lots of greens in daily and allow your body to soak up all the beautiful liquid sunshine you ingest!

approach meditation with the willingness to learn and an open heart

DEVELOP A DAILY PRACTICE. It’s not just monks and yogis, meditation is an essential part of leading a happy, balanced life. Start by taking just five minutes in the morning to yourself and work your way up to twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes at night. You can find great, beginner guided meditations on youtube or check out one of mine at Meditating gives us a chance to not only relax and rejuvenate but allows us to find an inner peace that we can carry with us through out the day. Meditation is great for letting go of the day’s stressors, gaining deeper clarity and becoming more in touch with your intuition. Don’t be intimidated, jump in, I don’t believe you can “do it wrong”. You will find your path and see what works best for you as long as you approach it with the willingness to learn and an open heart.

when we love ourselves, we can give more in our relationships

PRACTICE SACRED SELF-CARE. Oh self-care, some of us have an easier time with this than others. So often we put everyone except for ourselves on the priority list and that needs to change. You have to take care of #1 if you want to glow AND if you want to do the best job possible helping everyone else in your life. Self-care is about making time for yourself, getting enough sleep, scheduling in time for quiet moments with tea and a book, taking a bubble bath or going to get a massage. It’s all about doing the little things that make life a little sweeter. When we love ourselves and take care of ourselves, everything in our life gets better. We can give more in our relationships, we can be more creative and energized in our daily life and you guessed it, we can start to glow from the inside out.

Don’t be intimidated, take baby steps but start today! If you need more support, healthy recipes, free guided meditations or self-care tips, visit or reach out for a one on one consultation. We will get you on the road to glowing!

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