Program Overview

The Account Terms and Conditions, applies to all orders from authorized accounts for purchase of lucy products. VF Outdoor, Inc. reserves the right to change, modify, alter or delete any terms of this purchasing policy for authorized accounts. Keep a copy of this policy for your records.

1. Orders. Orders require a start ship and a cancel date and a ship window between 30 and 45 days. Bulk orders not distributed by order complete date will be cancelled. The minimum order quantity is 20 unless approved by the sales representative. All sales are subject to availability of merchandise and credit approval.

2. Distribution & Shipping. All products are shipped F.O.B. origin. Your order will ship prepaid via our carrier and freight charges will be added directly to your invoice. If you prefer to ship collect/third party via your carrier, please provide a routing guide 30 days before scheduled ship date. Lucy understands the importance of collaborating to drive inefficiencies from operations and in this regard requires any ticketing, labeling, value added services to be communicated 60 days before scheduled ship date. Upon receipt of requirements lucy will evaluate and determine ability to comply.

3. Credit Terms. The credit department has sole discretion to grant credit including limits with open or restricted terms, based on account evaluations. lucy offers 30-day net terms to customers who have been approved for credit. lucy reserves the right to terminate or suspend terms due to non-payment, including the right to hold or cancel open orders on past due accounts. lucy in its sole discretion shall maintain or close your account.

4. Payments. Due dates calculate from the invoiced ship date. Payments are due in our bank lockbox by the due date shown on the invoice. Mailing payments one week in advance of due date should ensure timely receipt. Send payments for immediate deposit to: lucy, a division of VF Outdoor Inc., 13911 Collections Center Dr, Chicago, IL 60693. For future dated advance payments, please contact your credit analyst to arrange an EFT. Credit cards are accepted as an alternative to dating and charged at the time of the shipment. Please notify your dealer services rep when ordering. Late payments will incur a 1% per month interest charge. Accounts placed for collection will be charged reasonable attorney and legal fees, plus interest.

5. Online Sale & Distribution. Lucy does not permit the sale of our product on partner websites, on the internet, or via any other digital means without prior approval. lucy reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account of any wholesale partner violating the lucy online dealer policy.

6. Use of lucy logo. Lucy will provide guidelines for the use of the lucy logo in advertising (print, digital, or otherwise). You must obtain written approval of any materials containing the lucy logo from your lucy representative prior to public release or publication. Lucy reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account of any wholesale partner violating this policy.

7. Cancellations. If the start ship has not passed, you have 5 days after placing an order to cancel or revise your order. Orders cancelled after 5 days will be subject to a 5% restocking fee. Please contact us promptly to confirm your request to cancel or revise an order.

8. Product Returns. lucy will not accept returns of merchandise except in the case of manufacturing defects. All returns of product must be pre-authorized by the lucy sales representative for the authorized account. No returns will be accepted without a return authorization number from lucy customer service department. Assigned return authorization numbers must be attached to all cartons of the returned shipment. Return authorization numbers are valid for 60 days from the date of issue. The price to be credited on a return will be determined in the following manner:

a. If the product is current (prior and current season) and the authorized account is able to refer to an original invoice for the purchase of the product, then the price on that invoice will be used.

b. If the product is not current, and the authorized account is able to refer to an original invoice for the purchase of the product, then the price on that invoice can be used depending on the age of the inventory.

c. If the authorized account is unable to provide proof of purchase by means of an original invoice, the lowest price paid by the authorized account over the last 12 months will be used for the credit on the return. If an authorized account history is unavailable, the pricing on the return will be referred to sales management for approval.