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Powerfully Poised Legging

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"I love creating layers with my wardrobe - it’s such an easy way to add versatility and maximize each piece in your closet. Whether it’s shorter layers on longer layers or longer layers with shorter ones, colors on prints or prints on a color, the possibilities are endless! That’s one of the reasons why I love the Dream On Top. It comes in so many different colors & graphics and you can layer over or under anything. One of my go-to outfits (that I essentially wear weekly) is layering a Dream On Top over a long sleeve. It’s perfect for chillier days when you need a little extra coverage and warmth.

Throw this duo on with my favorite pants and some statement jewelry, and I’m office-ready. Change into a pair of leggings and I’m set for lunchtime yoga (current fave: the Powerfully Poised Legging in lucy Abstract Floral print). I love this look. It’s so fun to create your own color palette and tailor your look with your everyday needs."

- Courtney Y.